Thursday, 22 October 2009

9 rolls of double sided tape!! Yes 9 rolls!!

**Winner of the Bo Bunny competition 2 posts down will be announced on Sunday - get your comments in if you want a chance to win some fab Bo Bunny goodies!**

The title of todays post relates to how many rolls of tape i have gone through in 1 week!! How scary is that!! I think the scariest is the fact im almost out of tape - its one thing thats essential so i dont know if i could cope without it - im thinking a trip to the shop is on the cards for tomorrow!! (hehe on the cards - i just reread what i wrote and giggled which made me realise im spending too much time with sick kids!!) ;)

Ben is back to school and Ethan is slightly on the mend - his temp comes down when the Calpol kicks in then shoots back up a couple of hours later. He isnt sick of anything so we have been told just to keep an eye on him so not really much we can do for the poor kiddo!

Ok...on to something altogether more serious now. Todays subject over at Bo Bunny is breast cancer. We have all created cards to highlight this often tragic illness and hope that one day they will find a cure....until then, we need to pray and support and do what we can to make sure we know our own bodies - things are best dealt with early so remember to check them girls!

Heres a sneek of my first layout in over a month - i just cant stand up when i create anymore and since my layout mojo disappears as soon as i sit down i have resorted to making projects the last few weeks. Well today i got the idea to use one of the photos i just had developed and i think my mojo is on the i just need to learn how stand up without feeling sick !! LOL


  1. hi Debbie
    what a wonderful card... i love this card..!!! and what a wonderful card to high light a terrible illness....!!!!
    thanks 4 sharing

  2. beautiful card, hope everyone recovers soon! hugs Debx

  3. What a beautiful card!!!!
    Nine rolls of tape - I should think you've been working overtime on all your projects.
    I cant wait to see the whole layout - the sneak looks fab.
    I hope your little one's are on the mend soon - my whole family seem to have the flu at the mo - i've managed to avoid them all for over a week but my husband just called to say he's coming home from work early as he's not well. I think i'm going to have to put my nurse Julie hat on for the weekend.
    Take Care - Ju xxx

  4. Hope that all the littlies are better soon.

    Nothing worse than feeling sick so hoping that eases for you.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your fab projects.

    Happy Friday xxx

  5. Hi Debbie

    9 rolls of tape!! That's some serious crafting. Can't wait to see your creations with said tape! I love visiting your blog as I always leave with tons of inspiration. You seem to love all the things I love too. Shabby chic and country are my fav styles too.

    Sorry for causing you to spend your pennies on Just Rite stamps from Stampeezee! lol! They are nice though aren't they?

    Hope your kiddo's are better soon and that your sickness goes away!

    Take care


    Katrina xx


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