Friday, 2 October 2009

Cant believe its October!! EEK!!

Ive started my Christmas shopping............nuff in my element making lists etc!!

I made this from an mdf 12 inch heart, covered with chalkboard paint and using Bo Bunny papers (Kitchen spice) to create the little house, heart and the same range of stickers cut up to for the saying in the middle. The little tree is just a teeny leaf and heart punch and its all inked :) Ribbon attached to chalk, attached to chalkboard :) Fab pressie idea! :)
This layout won the Pencil Lines August Gallery!! Wahoo!! I cant believe i won something - goodies from My Little Shoebox infact!! :D *does happy bunny dance*
Or should that be *does happy wobble* - have you seen the size of my baby house now! 10 weeks and im already getting asked when im due! lol I think this is going to be one long long pregnancy! Im guessing 5 babies have taken their toll on me and ive never been this big this early and im so out of breath and sickly im getting too old for this - this is def my last!! No honestly!! LOL ;)
I also managed to get the marmalade and red onion relish jars decorated and dated this week. They are now ready for the hampers and will be perfect as you have to let them sit for 3 months before using - just in time for Christmas!! :D


  1. Debbie - love that chalkboard - don't know where you get all your ideas and energy from :)

  2. love the chalk board idea it looks simply gorgeous, what a lovely gift! I am glad you mentioned the marmalade! I had better get a move on and do mine! Love your decorations!

  3. Oh Debbie, that blackboard is delish! What a fab idea x

  4. Fantastic black board Debbie. Hey! I only have two and you could tell from about 6 weeks both times that I was expecting! You look radiant!

    OoOh, can you send me your recipe for red onion relish please? I love it and I've been after a tried and tested recipe for eons without success!



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