Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Smaller Jar muffin mix...

I have a few of these decorative jars left so have worked out measurements so that i can still make the ingredients in a jar presents.
The large jar is a 200g Nescafe coffee jar, the smaller one is 150ml.This muffin mix is already premixed and only needs water adding so doesnt need layering with all the seperate ingredients.
The way to work out what ratio of mix to water is needed you will need to work out how much fits in the jar - pop the empty jar on the scales and set the dial to zero.After the muffin mix was added it worked out that there was 1/4lb so you need to scale down the water to add according to the mix list on the back of the pack. You should also write on the label how many this will make - ie 2 LARGE muffins, 4 cupcake size muffins or 8/12 mini muffins (sweet cases) Sometimes i find the smaller they are the nicer they are - obviously change cooking times accordingly too. :)Fill the lid with optional sweets to top the cakes or with the little sweet cases etc. Pop the ribbon around, fastening on the instruction label and voila another little hamper pressie :)


  1. I love how you got the sweets in the lid - this is just lovely :)

  2. awww how sweet are they. I'm knew there was a reason I kept all those jar's lol.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. What a fantastic idea!
    Oh I love that!x

  4. What a great idea and a super gift, how clever are you!!
    I hope your boys are feeling better.
    Take Care - Ju xx

  5. I love this idea Debbie! May have to borrow it for myself ;-) x

  6. just popped by and am loving your blog. I think the muffin mix is a great idea and I love the additional sweets you have added.
    One of my favorite things is the little star books. How adorable.
    Rachael xx

  7. Debbie, love your blog, and visit often.
    Are those M&M's?

  8. Another lovely idea from you.

    You are just so good at comeing up with these ideas.

  9. This is a fantastic idea Debbie, they are so sweet and would make fab little gifts. You are full of great ideas and inspiration - thanks for sharing!

    Katrina xx


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