Monday, 5 October 2009

Bits that make me smile...

Ive been fly lady'ing my heart out - if you dont know what Flylady is check out the link, its all about little tasks and keeping on top of things so they dont become a huge task :)
Im almost at the bottom of my washing basket which is a task in itself! Ive also taken some photos of some of my favourite bits right corner of the living room, everyone needs a favourite spot and mine is jammed with little things that make me the nights are getting dark quicker its candle and hot chocolate time......and nothing better than snuggling up with blankets bargain ones at that - £2 each from Tesco!! Lots of frames etc to decorate ready for the upcoming festive season, along with some bath pearls for the top of my sock cupcakes......talking of festive seasons how could i refuse these tins of biscuits at half price, the tins alone are fab to look at and keep as cake tins, bonus is you get to eat all the yummy biscuits first!! :D


  1. Lovely ideas! The tin is wonderful!

  2. Just signed up to flylady, it sounds just what I am looking for! You are a star!


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