Saturday, 10 October 2009

Craft fair time again....

Its coming up to that time of year with the craft fairs and although i booked one it fell through and to be honest i wasnt sure if i was going to do any again. Mum has said if i want to make some goodies she would sell them for me though so im thinking that might be the way to go :) Ive been looking through all the pics from last years fairs and its really got me in the mood to do it again - all those pretties!! :D :D


  1. Wow! your stall are full of pretties!

  2. Well I would come to your fair if I lived nearby....keep going, you'll be pleased you did.It all looks so pretty.

  3. I just spent some time scanning your blog and I LOVE it! The darling jars of jam are very cute - and delicious looking. And the snowmen made out of balls and glitter were adorable. I love it all. You are very creative! It was fun to see all your creativity!

  4. ooh I remember the reindeer food, I made some after seeing yours.

  5. That stall looks absolutely great Debbie. I do hope all your hard work was appreciated last year. I know non-crafters often don't realise how long it take to design and create such lovely items.

  6. Love craft fairs, so fun! Your litte house below is so adorable.. I just bought that cartridge.:)

  7. I think your stall looks wonderful! such great gifts. The problem with craft fairs is that it usually attracts other crafters looking for ideas. Those people who don't craft are out of touch with how much it costs they beleive craft equates with cheap! Third world craft has created this because they sell it so cheap
    I have seen people quibbling prices which must be so disheartening, as it is usually something made with heart!
    Good luck with your sale!

  8. Hi Debbie, I always make my children bags of reindeer food to give their school friends on the last day of term, where did you get the bags and toppers and the reindeer stamp? Also, what do you mix for the food?
    Thanks, Sara xx


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