Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ooooh loads of goodies!!!

*remember to check the post below this for the Bo Bunny competition*

Im such a lucky girl today!! :) Postman brought me my prize parcel from Paper Crafts Magazine (Gallery Idol top 20, top 15 and top 10)....how gorgeous is all this!! Thanks so much Kelly for the note and will definately be trying again next year, it was so much fun!! Congrats girls xxx

Also a huge thanks to Pencil Lines for chosing me as gallery winner last month, my gorgeous pressie pack arrived from My Little Shoebox - cant wait to use these!! Thanks again so much xxx

As im having to take it easy right now im sitting on the sofa with a little production line going....my craft fair goods have taken on a life of their own. I dont even have any fairs booked yet since the one i had booked cancelled! LOL I made loads of the little star books and masses of cards with the paper offcuts from said star books! :D Waste not want not! ;)


  1. What thats fantastic hope you book some shows hehehe!
    Love your stuff

  2. Oh you lucky thing! What a wonderful prize! Your handmade goodies are just gorgeous, I'm sure they'l be a hit!!

  3. how fun! Looked at all those goodies! good luck with your craft fairs!

  4. Busy busy busy! Fab creations Debbie.


  5. What a fantastic collection of beautiful goodies! Enjoy using them.

    The star books and cards look soooo pretty :-) Hope you find a fair good enough for them soon :-)


  6. oooh have fun with all your fabby goodies :) those star books look fab :)

  7. WOW what a fantastic prize you must of been estatic congratulations!!!

    Taking it easy..........you've made more than I make in a year lol xx

  8. Wow.... Lovely deliveries and even lovlier creations honey xXx

  9. Wow - that sure is a happy mail day! :) Congrats on receiving all these prizes. From the looks of things, you put your supplies to good use! Wonderful handmade cards and books!!

  10. Wooooow! Drooling at the pretty stuff. Amazing production line!

  11. You lucky lucky thing - all those goodies [very well deserved might i add]
    It looks like you have been super busy working on items for your craft fair.
    Take Care - Ju xx

  12. Goodness-I'm nowhere near that productive and I'm mobile. You're a a true wonder!

  13. Lucky girl indeed! I'm looking forward to seeing all your creations!

    Love your star books & cards, i am sure they will go like hotcakes at a fayre soon x

  14. I don't know how you find the time for all this beautiful crafting you do! Hope the pregnancy is going well. XX sharon Peters (P.S. am using hubbys googlemail which is why comment is from colin!)

  15. Hi Debbie! So glad you're having fun with your Gallery Idol winnings! Hope to see you back next year!


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