Sunday, 18 September 2011

Low Fat Cheesecake Pots

These are absolutely divine and would work well in a picnic!!Serves 6

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Chilling time: 1 hour


75g (3oz) light digestive biscuits

200g (7oz) Carnation Condensed Milk Light (half a can)

1 lemon

1tsp vanilla extract (optional)

150g (5½oz) extra light cream cheese

150g tub 0%fat Greek yogurt

250g (9oz) fresh strawberries

3tbsp strawberry jam


1. Crumble 75g (3oz) light digestive biscuits into a bowl, not too fine. Divide the crumbs between 6 wine glasses or small tumblers.

2. Place 200g (7oz) Carnation Condensed Milk Light (half a can) into a bowl and add the zest and juice of 1 lemon and 1tsp vanilla extract (optional). Stir together until the mixture has thickened.

3. Whisk 150g (5½oz) extra light cream cheese and 150g tub 0%fat Greek yogurt in a small bowl until smooth then fold into the thickened condensed milk, don’t over beat. Spoon the creamy mixture over the biscuits. Chill for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour.

4. Chop 250g (9oz) fresh strawberries, mix with 3tbsp strawberry jam and top the cheesecakes with the fruit to serve.


Using the juice of one lemon with half a can of condensed milk in this recipe acts as a setting agent, thickening into a deliciously easy cheesecake topping without gelatine.


  1. ooooo Like this for lunch boxes. Thanks hun xxx

  2. OMG ...these sound divine of my fav deserts that they are sort of healthy.

  3. I'm enjoying reading your review/story and will come back later. btw uummm yummyyy from here.

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  4. Just came over from Paula of Happy Snappy and wanted to say I enjoyed reading your interview! You got me remembering how much I love doing jigsaw puzzles and planning to get me some for when winter rolls around.

    I love cheesecake (just had a full fat one today) so this is a recipe I would definitely like to try out. This way I can enjoy it more often!

  5. Hi Debbie, I'm going to be making this, this week. It may seem like a silly question but can I use the full fat version of the ingredients? Or is better to follow as is? We do have quite a sweet tooth in our house :) x


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