Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Pass on the Love picnic!

I received a lovely email from Persil the other day asking if i would be up for holding a Pass on the Love Picnic.

To prove just how soft Persil 2in1 with Comfort is, Persil launched Pass on the Love Picnics at this year’s Camp Bestival, with some help from celebrity mum Jo Whiley. Families washed their old cuddly toys in new Persil 2in1 with Comfort and brought them along to be swapped with other festival families or donated to Oxfam.

Because new Persil 2in1 with Comfort combines the brilliant cleaning power of Persil with the delicate softness of Comfort, it’s ideal for washing fluffy bunnies and furry teddies – making them softer, cleaner and more fragrant than ever before. So they were extra snuggly for their new owners at Camp Bestival!

The day was a huge success – Jo joined us in our picnic area where everyone enjoyed snacks, games and puppet shows – and of course the kids had loads of fun swapping their newly-washed toys. Mums even had the chance to relax and unwind on giant bean bags where our laundry experts were on hand to answer their cleaning questions over a cup of tea.

After reading the above write up on the Netmums site I jumped at the chance - you know me and wicker baskets, add in some food and an excuse to sit with the kids playing tea parties and well, im in heaven! lol

The hamper arrived and in it was a bottle of Persil 2in1 with comfort to wash the teddies with, some half price vouchers for said washing liquid, a cute little bunny, a picnic blanket, picnic cups (paper not plastic) and napkins! :)

We visited the charity shop and bought some new bunnies etc to wash and donate to a hospice. They all smelled divine and Jake (typical boy!) turned one upside down and even said 'their butt smells nice too'!! eek - the joy of boys!!

Thanks to typical UK weather it has done nothing but rain since and the only dry spell was when we had th bears out to dry! We decided to hold the picnic indoors and have a tv watching, bear cuddling, juice drinking lunch :) Evie loved the fact she had all the bears surrounding her and sat quite happily which munching away on a sausage roll! The boys however refused to have their pictures taken and ran off to play on their xboxes!! lol

A girls only picnic was pretty cool and it certainly wont be the last now the boys are back to school - thanks Persil :)

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