Friday, 16 September 2011

When Debbie met Kirstie... part 2!!

I never thought i would say that sentence once...let alone twice!! How surreal!


Me and mum travelled down to London on Wednesday and arrived at The Bloomsbury Hotel around 4.30pm. Knowing dinner wasnt for another 3 hours we set off to find either The Hummingbird Bakery or The Primrose Bakery....well, if i had been by myself i may have worried slightly as we got more than a little disorientated and ended up doing a huge circle when we only needed to have turned left out of the hotel instead of right!! lol For the film buffs amongst you - I had Run Fat Boy Run blisters - im not joking, thats what you get from wearing 5 inch heels on a treck round the capital!! Oh that darn thing called vanity! Whilst searching we came across the cutest bakehouse - Ellas Bakehouse and the girls were lovely, cakes were so cute and i couldnt resist picking up some mini ones for the boys!

Photos of Primrose bakery and we got 2 cakes which we split - one raspberry & white chocolate and one banana & chocolate (one was dry, one was lovely - lets not dwell hey!) lol

Back at the hotel and I chose... Scallops with Foie Gras for starter, Salmon steak with potatoes in parsley and creamed cabbage for dinner and Millefeuille with raspberries, fresh cream and white chocolate ice say I didnt finish the dessert makes me sad! lol

The taxi picked us up at 10am and we headed off to Divertimenti cookery school where we were met by PR upstairs. We were all introduced and led downstairs to the school (upstairs is the shop and omg what droolworthy stuff they had!!) where we met Kirstie. I was first through the door and she literally doubled over laughing saying how unreal it was and how she couldnt believe it - I did ask her if she was going to get an injunction which i think made the laughing worse! lol It was fabulous and as though we were friends if that makes sense - shes is such a lovely laid back lady with such a fabulous sense of self that she makes everyone feel comfortable straight away.We baked banana muffins,fudge and strawberry cheesecake pots then had photographs taken - Kirstie even suggested to the PR people that we work on something together!! EEK Im definately going to follow that one up!

One photo of us both looking at different cameras -and one where it looks like im in Madame Tussauds!! lol (she really is that flawless!)We were given these gorgeous spotty refridgerate bags to take home all our goodies in as well as another cloth bag with Nestle Carnation goodies inside!
Kirstie had to stay at the cookery school to do all of the cookery again for the press in the afternoon but the rest of us headed off upstairs and next door to Strada for lunch - ok when i say lunch it was bruchetta with sundried tomatoes and goats cheese, spaghetti ragu and for dessert panna cotta with warm fig. To say the diet went out of the window is an understatement and im still full now!!

All of the ladies who won were lovely, there were 3 other ladies who brought with them a mix of mother, son and friend so it really was a good mix :) I hope we all keep in touch one way or another and hopefully we will come across each other again - maybe another competition?! We all have each others winning recipes to try so i will post pics on here when im done and hope to get in touch with the ladies to see if its ok to post links to their blogs etc :)

I am entering this post into a competition through Travelizer to win a city break!!


  1. Love it - you stalker! Glad you had a great day. xxx

  2. love that bag looks so cute :O) and lets hope something does come up for you - TV YEAH!! the trip sounds wonderful and so great that the day started with the laughter great way to break the ice for everyone

  3. Food looks incredible. Baking looked awsome. You looked gorgeous my friend!

  4. Sounds like another fabulous 'Kirstie' day! I'm a tad bit hungry after reading this, gorgeous food.


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