Friday, 9 September 2011

Off to London!!

Remember my Cocanoffee Pie i made for week 31 last year??
Well, I entered it for the Carnation competition that was looking for the best banoffee receipes out there. I didnt expect to get anywhere but look at the email I received!!

Congratulations Debbie!

We are pleased to let you know you are the lucky winner of the ‘delicious.’ online competition to win the luxury baking experience with Kirstie Allsopp.

We really loved your recipe for Luxurious Banoffee Pie. The coconut gave it a great texture and flavour and it looked divine.

I am taking my mum with me for a dinner and a nights stay over in London, we get to bake with Kirstie the following day at a cookery school and then have lunch at Strada before our journey home -eek...meeting Kirstie twice in one month (technically as last months was the 16th and this month its the 15th!) lol
I know I am so lucky to have won this and thank everyone for their feedback from last years recipes as I wouldnt have entered it you all hadnt said how much you enjoyed it!!


  1. Ooh how exciting, I wonder if she'll remember you?!

  2. wow well done there .. you are a great cook and your pics and recipes were always mouthwateringly good!!
    hey you and our kirstie will end up firm friends now!!

  3. well done, god you and Kirstie are like best mates now! :-)

  4. Blimey. You and KA will be BFF at this rate. Have a fabulous time.

    Madison xxx

  5. have a fab time - what with all tis networking you will have our own TV program soon at this rate - the adventures of Debbie, or maybe Debbie meets all the celebraties :O)

  6. Wow, you've done it again! Well done.

  7. Wow, well done. Many congratulations. Hope you have a great day xx

  8. Wow! You won again!!!!! Congratulations1

  9. Just catching up with your post, lucky you going to meet kirsty, again!! The banoffee pie looks scrummy I'll have mine with lashings of cream please, Lucey x

  10. How brilliant is that. Well done you! I'd say 'go girl' but you've had the go of 20 people for as long as I've followed your adventures. Can't wait to hear about it all. xx


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