Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Almost done...

I fell in love with this yo-yo blanket when i first saw it in the Crocheted Throws & Wraps book - remember this post here...and this one here when I first started it...

Well, as you know by now, when I want something I have to do it straight away and in little over a week I was finishing up my last yo-yo - yep 168 of the little rounds! They just got easier and quicker the more I did and thankfully I managed to finish a week ahead of schedule! lol (yes im anal like that and give myself deadlines - I work well to deadlines!) lolNow comes the sewing together and its taking time but instead of crocheting it together im adding little tiny knots to keep them all together. I love looking at old projects and seeing little embroidered stitches or workings where you know someone has spent time over and i thought the back deserved to have as much character as the front.
Hopefully in years to come the kids will look at the blanket with their own grandchildren and say 'your great grandma hand tied each of those tiny knots and filled each one with hopes and dreams and lots of love' ... because thats exactly what Im doing :)

1 comment:

  1. I think its lovely - especially the knots....
    Somewhat envious of your crochet abilities - it still fails me!



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