Sunday, 8 April 2012

Our Easter Tree!

We have a rather large cherry blossom at the bottom of our garden so when it came time to do our Easter Tree it only seemed right that we use some of the pretty branches from this!
What with the severe change in the weather lately the leaves have all gone a lovely autumn colour - reds, dark greens etc. This meant the tree was a little darker than it usually is but hey it was still ok for what we needed and probably fitted a little more with the whole feeling of the weekend if that makes sense.
We decorated it with little wooden eggs, rabbits and ribbon then popped some chocolate in front for us all to share (believe it or not the children only got 2 eggs each this year - thankfully as i hate seeing masses of temptation when I really need to diet!!) lolEvie decorating her little tree too :)Sunday morning we removed all of the leaves and blossom from the tree and wrote out our dreams and hopes for the rest of the year. It resembles a fresh start and keeps our momentum going for what we want out of 2012 :)Happy Easter! xx


  1. I love the dreams and hopes idea and the tree looks so pretty.

    Beki xx

  2. The tree is so pretty and I love the photo of your little girl and her toes! xx

  3. What a lovely idea to write your dreams and hopes and add them to the tree - delightful!

    S x


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