Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I am a complete technophobe...

I dont press buttons unless I have the ok from my hubby...

However, even though I didnt touch anything (honest!!)my computer crashed last night and its completely cleared out my email system to the point of having to start afresh with just the emails hubby has managed to catch coming through just now :(

Gutted isnt the word!

Please could you just take a second to email me at debbie(at)countryheartandhome.com with you email addresses if i need to send you anything, have been talking via email with you, PR messages, creativeheartandsoul details about the retreats etc - anything!

Thank you so much and im so sorry if Im late in doing anything due to this :(

Yours hopelessly

Distraught of Durham!


  1. Like you I never press buttons on the computer without permission!
    I just hate stroppy computers!Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. oooops! How frustrating for you.


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