Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dyed Eggs :)

Our kids love eggs...whether they be scrambled, poached, fried, boiled or DYED!!

In fact I think dyed is probably their favourite!

To make these cute spiderweb style eggs all you need is some hardboiled eggs and an assortment of different food colourings.Lightly crack the eggs by rolling them on the table.Pop the egg into a bag and pour in a little of the food colouring (believe me you need the bag or rubber gloves as its VERY messy!!)Roll the egg in the colouring until completely covered.Set aside and allow to dry.Repeat for each egg.Use kitchen paper to unwrap the egg from its shell (you can see on the blue one where i had a little colouring on my fingers and it transferred to the egg - its easy done so try to keep something between you and the egg at all time!)

Pat dry with kitchen paper and marvel at all the little tracks in the egg that the colouring has made! :)What are you doing this weekend??


  1. What a brilliant idea, a lovely effect too AND edible!
    Happy Easter

  2. Have never seen them done this way before, brilliant idea xx

  3. Since you love eggs, you might like this great collection of "eggy" recipes. Food on Friday Eggs


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