Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Family Heirloom of the future??

I love visiting charity shops and finding hidden treasures that were once loved but no longer needed. So many pretty things that you can tell have been lying around someones home, probably picked up and used hundreds of times or just placed on a shelf and looked at - smiled at :)

Since the Mary Queen of Charity shops programme was on TV everything has hiked in price and theyre always busy which is good for the shops but not so great for us bargain hunters!

Today I didnt find anything that I needed but saw something that I just knew Evie and the boys needed!

We bought London for £1!

How cute is this little set of building bricks...Scott has gone off to find a map of London so they can make it look geographically correct. Evie just likes moving them around....ME, I like the little London Eye and Royal Albert Hall! How Cute!!


  1. I love toys like this, something that gets them using their imagination, great find.

    Beki xx

  2. Lovely! Like you, I found a small set of London and another one of Paris, 50p each in an Edinburgh charity shop. Yours has more buildings, though - we don't have the Albert Hall, although we are delighted to have Paris too, since we live in France. I wonder who made these, originally?

  3. I believe these are the ones!


    I love them too!


  4. WOW! What a bargain - its really lovely toy.
    I agree with you Mary Portas has a lot to answer for in charity shops
    Julie xxxxx


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