Saturday, 21 April 2012

Empty Jars?

I may have OCD...

I may just have a soft spot for empty containers...

Either way Im sure Im not alone!?!

Here is another way to use those empty jars...

Wash any empty jars you may have with warm soapy water and remove the label completely.
 Choose a pretty yarn, I went for a 100% cotton yarn as I think I may eventually use this jar to hold my knitting needles!
 Using either strong glue or double sided tape (I bought some mega hold tape from Hobbycraft and use it for everything!) and wind the yarn around the jar butting it up against the last row as tightly as you can.
 When you reach the top, use a needle to thread the end through a few rows to finish off neatly.
 I made a little pompom banner and tied 3 french knots on the front of my jar.  Im thinking this would be a great alternative to plain glass jars for some of the baby showers/dessert tables etc..
 Close up of the little french knots - simple, needle in, wrap yarn around 4 times and pull through, fasten off.
 And if youre wondering where this cute little birdie came from - check Quirkyboots - shes an absolute wizz with felt and makes THE prettiest things! :) 


  1. Covering this in something like PVA may help keep it clean! Incidentally I only buy Dowe Egberts coffee because it has stopper lids! Can't wait to knock out the under stairs cupboard in my kitchen to have a wall of shelves with jars on!!!!

  2. What ab excellent idea!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Brilliant idea, now I have something to do with all those jars I keep hiding away in the garage.

    Beki xx

  4. oh debbie you need to join my flickr group :)
    I'm jam jar mad heheheh x

  5. Soooooo pretty, love this idea...I have to try these. I have some garden twine I might try this with too on a jar.


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