Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Love Spells Deck - ATC Heaven!! Giveaway!

I know a lot of crafters will love these as they are perfect ATC size and are adorned with the most adorable artsy pictures!

Whether you use them as a deck of spell cards and incant those charms for romance and passion or simply use them for decoration on scrapbook pages or the base for your own ATCs, this set of cards is simply stunning!

I picked up a pack for myself and couldnt resist a pack for one of you! See which question I ask below and leave me a comment, winner will be chosen at random on Saturday :)  

Not all of the spells are of the voodoo kind and dancing round in the moonlight naked....what you do in your spare time is up to you!
This example is one that I thought should be rekindled, I love watching old movies and seeing the handwritten notes that were passed between lovers, lighting a fire that can be read over and over, something to keep and cherish.  

I am going to make a start on some love letters to hubby straight away, where did I put that pink pen, red lipstick and my favourite perfume of the moment (...yes I jumped on the Taylor Swift bandwagon - its truly gorgeous!!)

What scent would you add to handwritten notes?

Leave a message below with your answer and you could win your own deck of cards in time for Valentines day!



  1. For mr it would have to be Philosophy Pure Grace

  2. I can't wear perfume, it all smells like cat pee on my skin and brings me out in red lumps. I would probably put a seed or two of lavendar into the envelope because..... just because it's the only smell my man associates with me that isn't farmyard or kitchen.

  3. These are gorgeous!
    A love letter to my Mr would have to have the scent of 'Angel'as that's 'our' scent. It was the first perfume he ever bought me and continues to do so as I run out.
    Daughter wears Taylor Swift, you're right it is gorgeous.

    Beki xx

  4. For me it would be something with Freesia-I like it so much-these were the beloved flowers of my beloved grandma and so I still remember me when I smell this...
    It was so amazig when my daughter was born,long time after my grandma died,to smell Freesia at our house and see my daughter smiling to heaven...

  5. These are gorgeous!
    A love letter to my Mr would have to have the scent of DKNY Pure - the scent he buys me now as the one he used to buy me "Tendre Poison" we can no longer find.

    Thanks for the chance to win x

  6. Are you organising any retreats for this year?

  7. So pretty - for me it would have to be Youth Dew by Estee Lauder - I have been wearing it for years so my hubby would recognise it. thank you

    Sharon X


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