Monday, 25 February 2013


The winner of the Kenco stay reusable hot cup is ..... Tilly Rose!!!

The winner of the Love Deck cards is ..... Sharon Peters!!!

Congratulations ladies, please email me your addresses to  as I'm hitting the post office tomorrow! :)

Friday, 22 February 2013

Wohoo! Blogger and iPad!

Not sure what happened but I now seem to be able to post on my blog from my iPad! Yayy!

Regular postings shall resume!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Monthly kits - non scrapbook! Kit 1 - The Sweet Club!

I have been asked to trial some different monthly kits to let readers know about value for money, choice, delivery and overall thoughts on presentation etc.

My first choice was The Sweet Club where you get to choose 8 'sweets' to go in your box which will be delivered either fortnightly or monthly.

The selection of sweets is like a step back in time....from sherbet pips to choc lick, rainbow crystals to cola kubes!  It really is an 80's child sweet heaven.

The box arrives and is a vibrant red (I now know what to stalk the postie for!) and celophane shrink wrapped.  After unwrapping the box and opening it you find a welcome note from The Sweet Club and your sweets wrapped in cute red tissue.

In my first box I chose red vines (you get 10 in the bag), Wham Rockets (you got 2 but this only counts as 1 selection), Rainbow crystals, Kola Kubes, Giant Strawberries, ABC Letters, Milk Chews (those fabulous ones with the powder on!) and Toffee Bonbons.

As soon as your box is dispatched you can access your account online and add which sweets you want in your next box.  If you don't do this you will receive a random selection made for you.....which is always good....who doesn't want candy no matter what it is!!  At least once a month I could work my way through a whole pic n mix station and I'm sure I'm not the only one!!

Your introductory kit is £7.95.  You then have the option of a monthly kit at £9.95 or 2 kits per month sent fortnightly at £16.50.  One payment per month is taken and boxes are generally dispatched within 4 days.

Since I'm on my diet it will take me a while to get through them and Im pulling the 'these are mummies sweeties' card and hiding them! 

I'm sorry if that feels harsh children but I must do this to give true and valuable feedback for my readers! lol

Anyway....I'm going to go hide under my duvet and sample these wonderful delights that are an 80's childs dream!


Friday, 8 February 2013

5th Creative HeART & Soul Retreat!

This time next week we will be setting the tables and prepping all of the goodies for the girls that are attending our 5th Creative HeART & Soul retreat!

I am so excited and we have so much planned, all of the girls involved work so hard to bring amazing classes and projects as well as a friendly atmosphere that you cant beat!

Teachers this time are Lida De Witte, Monique Jacobs and Jane Dean as well as the fabulous resident teacher Tracie Hudson and also *just this once* me!  I much prefer to be behind the scenes but have planned a double page layout that im hoping the girls will love! 

 Here are a couple of sneaks....

We are also having the fabulous Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn with us all weekend!  I just know the girls are going to go wild over Hayleys supplies and I cant wait to do some touchy feely shopping - it seems like years since i bought scrapbook supplies!! (ok so months at least!) ;)

Our October retreat has been moved to November 8/9/10th as we now hold a 'Manufacturer retreat' at the end of the year!  This means we get all the big names in scrapbook manufacturing - whether they be established or just starting out - as our class teachers and inspiration for the weekend.

The retreat will be held at Ansty Hall hotel once again in Coventry and I suppose I could let you in on a little secret, about one of the teachers/manufacturers coming.....

clue 1...... I was once on their design team....

clue 2 coming soon....

Take a guess and see if you get it right!  

Its going to be AMAZING!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Valentine shopping!

We all know now is the time for cherubs and rose petals, candles and dinner for 2!  

We all know it can cost a fortune too!

Being a Poundland Ambassador means I got sent some goodies from the new Valentine range to see what I think and answer some questions based on value, size etc.

I received a cute teddy bear, floating 'love' candles, rose led lights, a valentine card, cupcake case/banner set, 2 champagne flutes and an adorable 'love' bag to hold them all.

Within the range is also popping body candy, fluffy red handcuffs, Cadbury chocolates, red and pink decorations and lots more to wow your partner with this Valentines day.  

Believe me, he will think you spent way more than a pound on some of the items you can buy.  Even if you pop a few bits together, wrap in pink tissue paper and present in a cute bag it will look amazing!  

Why not set a budget each and see if you can outdo each other in the 'setting the scene'!

What do you have planned for Valentines day??


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Love Spells Deck - ATC Heaven!! Giveaway!

I know a lot of crafters will love these as they are perfect ATC size and are adorned with the most adorable artsy pictures!

Whether you use them as a deck of spell cards and incant those charms for romance and passion or simply use them for decoration on scrapbook pages or the base for your own ATCs, this set of cards is simply stunning!

I picked up a pack for myself and couldnt resist a pack for one of you! See which question I ask below and leave me a comment, winner will be chosen at random on Saturday :)  

Not all of the spells are of the voodoo kind and dancing round in the moonlight naked....what you do in your spare time is up to you!
This example is one that I thought should be rekindled, I love watching old movies and seeing the handwritten notes that were passed between lovers, lighting a fire that can be read over and over, something to keep and cherish.  

I am going to make a start on some love letters to hubby straight away, where did I put that pink pen, red lipstick and my favourite perfume of the moment (...yes I jumped on the Taylor Swift bandwagon - its truly gorgeous!!)

What scent would you add to handwritten notes?

Leave a message below with your answer and you could win your own deck of cards in time for Valentines day!


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Kenco Eco Cup Giveaway!

I need to take more notice to things going on around me!  

I'm missing out on gorgeousness, for example...

 I didnt know that Kenco have a reward system whereby you collect points and 'trade' them for eco goodies!

They have kindly given me one of their limited edition eco 'take away' cups to try and one to give away! 

 Designed by Danielle Proud and inspired by the birds of the rainforests where the Kenco coffee beans grow, the ceramic eco cup eliminates the waste of paper cups, while providing a stylish way of enjoying your favourite coffee on the go!

Beautifully designed with hand drawn illustrations, the cup is insulated to keep your coffee warmer for longer.  This is a must in and around my home as you can guarantee I place a coffee down and forget about it - this way I can go back to it and its still warm! Godsend!!

If you would like to win this limited edition eco cup then please pop your name in the comment section below telling me how you have your coffee....are you a black with sugar or white without, a sweetener girl or a sweet enough?  Good luck!

Winner will be drawn at random on Saturday 9th by my little sister who is coming to stay for a week this Friday!! Yayy!


Monday, 4 February 2013

New Years Resolutions....

How are they going for you?

Have you kept any?

Have you made any more now we are into February and January was such a doddle?!!

January flew by so fast Im not sure whether I stuck to my resolutions because they were something I wanted to do for a change or because im thinking 2013 is going to be fabulous so why not do all I can to make sure it darn well becomes the best ever! 

My gratitude journal jar is filling up nicely!  One little comment each day on either something that has made me smile, something that I have enjoyed, something that has saved me from rocking in the corner etc....

I cant wait until the end of the year and hundreds of these little rolled up thank yous can be unleashed!! 

Did you make a jar this year?

How are you doing? *why when i say that do i say it in a Joey from Friends voice??*


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Halllooooo and February Challenge!

Happy month of LOVE everyone!

Yes, its that time of year when the shops are over run with ladies buying sloppy poem filled cards, scented candles and meals for two..... and men buying fluffy hand cuffs!  Dont think i didnt see you today Mr 'if i sneak these in my basket no one will notice'! lol

February also marks the start of my new recipe challenge.  All you need to do is make one of the Tangy Lemon Cakes from Page 60 of my book and either upload to facebook or email me at with your entry and you could win some fabulous goodies!

2 miniature cooling racks
6 serving cupcake silicone mould
Bear Spatula
2 x cake sprinkles
Set of 3 heart cutters
Teddy bear chocolate mould
Teddy bear cake mould
Cooking with kids is always such fun but even better if they arent using all your precious kitchen goodies - what better way to get them involved than to give them their own little baking set!  Heck if you dont have little ones these are just way too cute not to use for yourself so give it a go anyway! still on the salad and when i shift 1 more lb i will have lost a stone in total!  Only 3 more to go!! eek!