Friday, 6 March 2009


Instead of using patterned paper all the time why not make your own backgrounds? Its simple to do once you find the middle point of the card - work outwards from the centre and create a simple or complex pattern based on what you like or need :)

I made these cards using the Papertrey Ink Heart Print stamps, Stampin' Up! Ink pads and The Scrapbook shop ribbons.
I am starting to get prepared for the carboot season which will hopefully hit soon - i have so many bags of things to sell and so much on 'would like to find' list that im almost counting down the days until they start again :D Do you look forward to the sale season??


  1. Our bootfairs start this Sunday but the forecast is terrible so I bet they are cancelled. I love nothing more than 3 or 4 hours mooching on a SUnday morning and I try to sell once a month too.

  2. Actually I've never done a car boot, but I love going to them OH & DD are going this week but I have enough blanks etc to paint and this weekend I'm going to start a pin up girl on an item Mitmot sent me, look at my blog if your interested, but I might give the carboot a go if/when the weather gets better I'm a fairweather crafter ha! xx


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