Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Double ended box and sparkles!!

I finally managed to get the pics uploaded onto DHs computer! Also you know when they say things come in 3's - well, first the tonsillitis, then the laptop and now ive cracked my tooth! Theres a quarter of it missing and its a filled one too which means im chance to lose the whole thing now - i just know the dentist will just want to whip it out instead of messing around (thankfully its at the back!) :(

On to nicer stuff....... here is a tissue box i made with 2 of the origami box templates which i have shown below on the tutorial for the double ended box :) The papers are the glittery Laundry Line by My Minds Eye, ribbons are by Smirk and the butterflies are punched out of Doodlebug Glitter paper.

OK, heres a tutorial for a pleasantly simple double ended box. It looks elegant left blank or could look stunning stamped or made with patterned papers too - the choice is yours :)

You need to make two identical box ends. Take your cardstock of choice and cut two 8x8 inch squares. Find the centre point by drawing a line from opposite corners.
The point where your lines meet in the middle is where you need to fold each corner to first of all.
While the corner is still touching the centre point fold the section again so that it is now doubled over and along the line you drew.
Unfold all the sections and you will have a square in the middle that isnt folded. With one of the corners facing you, cut through the sections shown on the pic below. (cut goes from the start of the first fold and down to the start of the flat box) Do this on 2 opposite sides only.
Fold the two sides you didnt cut, into the middle of the box to create the sides.
Tuck the sides of these pieces into the box to create a makeshift side panel and fold the 'cut' side piece over this to create the actual side of the box.

This is really easy and is easier made than thought about iykwim! lol (in other words dont try and work it out without having the paper in front of you to make it, the folds etc act as good guidelines!)
To make the inside section take a 12x3 1/4 inch piece of contrasting cardstock. Quick run through here as this is done like any other plain box but the lips/edges are fastened to the outside so that it sits snuggly.
Mark your box at 2 3/4 intervals and score. You will be left with a 1 inch section at the end. Fold the sections around to create a box shape and secure the outer lip on the inside of the box. The base is 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches - score the box so that it has a base of 2 3/4 x 2 3/4 inches, this will leave a 3/4 inch lip to secure it all the way around the base. Fold these lips up and secure to the OUTSIDE of the box you just made - this will mean there are minimal edges on show inside the finished box.

Cut the corners to enable a snug fit without the sides bending a little.
Place double sided tape along the bottom of the insert and around the sides just below the outer box bottom.

Place inside the bottom box shell and press firmly to secure on all taped sections.
Fill with goodies and pop the lid on top.
Decorate as simply or as fancy as you like :)


  1. that box is gorgeous !!! but ouch about the tooth :-(

  2. The more I think about it the more I think you are a can't be human humph! robots have teeth? ...dam it you are human....yet another beautiful piece of work and the tutorials are amazing too xxx

  3. Wow, you have so many lovely templates and projects on your blog! I found you through the PTI forum and I'll be back. Sorry to hear about all of the bad luck you're having- hope it gets better!

  4. I found your blog from one of my friends, and boy! I am glad I did... love your work, and will try this lil box soon... Thanks for the tutorial...HUGS...SK :)

  5. Beautiful and thanks for the tutorial. >:0)


  6. Hi!

    Wanted to let you know I posted a link to this tutorial today on my blog.

    Nancy ward


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