Thursday, 26 March 2009

So cute!

I forgot to say that ds3 who is 5 was part of a Mothers Day assembly last week, I swear i wept buckets!! All the kids stood up in turn to say why they loved their mums! Jake stood up and said..

I love my mam cos she gives me loads of hugs and kisses

How sweet is that!! They then sang a song about how much they loved their mums and how special we all are! I was almost gasping for air at the end of it all when they produced a handmade daffodil flower, card and cookie in the shape of 'Mum' LOL So cute!!

I did my first workshop tonight and it went really well with lots of positive feedback and questions of when the next ones are :D YAYY!!

Quick sturdy notelet holder tutorial :) Hope you still like them as im really enjoying making all these new boxes! lol

Measure and cut a sheet of cardstock or patterned paper to 11x11 inches.

Measure and score at one end the measurements below. 1/2 inch / 1 inch / 1 inch / 6 1/2 inches / 1 inch / 1 inch / 1/2 inch
In the other direction measure and score the directions below. 1 inch / 3 inches / 1 inch / 5 inches / 1 inch.
Fold all of the score lines. Fold the 1 inch score lines together then the 1/2 inch scored section back on its-self to form a concertina effect.

This will create the lip to secure the side panel.
Make the cuts as shown below, discard the two pieces at the top and taper in the centre fold so that it will fold in smoothly to create a small inner section. The middle sections are snipped in to the final fold and turned in on themselves, these are used as reinforcements for the sides. The bottom 2 sections can either be folded in on themselves or snipped off completely - personal choice depending on if you prefer the front section of the box to be a little bulkier.
Glue all the inside panels which are to be turned in on themselves.
Lift up the small snipped middle section and secure underneath the side panel which is now folded over into the concertina you first made. (below see second pic)

Do the same concertina style fold for the front section.
Both the front and back top sections can now be folded in to give a smoother look and act as the inner lining. The box can be fully lined if you wish and it would be best to do that now.
Fold in the front panel so it tucks neatly into the back panel and punch a whole with the cropodile.
Secure side panels with sticky tape and a brad or other decorative fastening.
Fill with envelopes and notelets to create a simple desk tidy or gift set :)

Stamps are all from Papertrey Ink Tags for Spring set.


  1. Great box! Thanks for the tutorial. It's very easy to follow (I think even I can do it! lol)

  2. Loveley box - I will try and give this one a go!

    Lovely to read about mothers day too.

  3. Oh that is so cute about the Mothers Day assembly - i would have been the same and crying lol!

    Love the little cute box - thank you for sharing them with us x

  4. This is fabulous! Love that paper.

    I have been a bad blog hopper lately.........just not enough time in the day. I hope you are feeling better, hon.

  5. love these boxes Debbie , wish i had more time to make them , might try this one tomorrow

  6. No wonder you are a skinny minny you never stop !
    Will have a go at making a box.

  7. Wiping a tear just from the mear thought of my little one's saying something like that - gotta love them :)

    Fabulous project Debbie - loving your blog!


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