Monday, 16 March 2009

Monday catch-up....

I have finished off a few projects over the weekend so thought i would take out a little time now to share what i made.
The first is a picture frame that my Aunt bought for £1 and asked if i could decorate in red & cream. She gave me the saying that she wanted on it and im telling you, if i ever have to cut out and position that many individual rub ons again someone shoot me first! LOL It still needs some little bits adding but overall the effect is better than it was before!

This is a card made using the new Washington Apple Stampin'Up! papers. They are released at the beginning of April and they are so versatile! I used them on the frame above, this card and the layout below too! Theres still oodles of paper in the pack left too so no doubt i will be making more goodies with them :)

This is a cute little set of drawers i have designed I need to work on the template as i wanted to make sure it worked first before i took pics of the process etc but i will post instructions soon :)


  1. You are so talented. Great projects. I love em

  2. Such cute drawers, cant wait for the template

  3. What a busy girl you have been. SUPER job on all of your projects. I adore the truck card, that truck is SO cute! The LO is awesome the colors.
    The frame looks great....bless you for adding all of those rub ons. *grin*
    Love the drawers too. What a fun filled day on your blog. Thanks for sharing! >:0)

  4. LOL, those alpha rub-ons weren't perchance Chatterbox ones were they?? You have my sympathies if so, because the one and only time I used them I had no problems with the first two words of my journaling then suddenly at the start of the 3rd word (the point of no return!) they stopped sticking to the paper and wouldn't rub off at all. Gaaah! Almost as bad as my Heidi (still living in a box far far away) Swapp rub-ons.

    But lovely projects Debbie - you have been seriously busy! :oD

  5. Love those little drawers Debbie, will be watching out for the template.

  6. Those wee drawers are soo cute - looking forward to seeing the template - thanks for sharing x


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