Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sweet Treat Pouch...

Now doesnt this look sweeter than just a plain pack of chocs :) Ideal to use as goodie bags for parties, to tie and hang on the backs of chairs for dinner parties with after dinner mints inside or even just something cute to give as a little Love you/Miss you/Thanks for being a friend pressie :)

Here goes...

Cut a sheet of paper 12 x 8 inches
Score the paper in half then move it 1 inch to the left and score again, move 1 inch to the left again and score again. You should now have a little peak once its folded in on itself.
Flip the sheet over and score at the 1 and 2 inch mark from the edge of the paper. You should now have two peaks when folded in.
4 inches from the top of the paper make a cut all the way along, through all of the peaks and folds - should look like the image below.
Fold it all in on itself and make sure theres no overhang, if there is trim this now as its easier than after assembly.
Fold the top section down to create a flap which will be stuck against the back creating a backdrop for the goodie bag - you could always use a different paper for contrast. Scallop punch the top edge of the front pocket. (you may have to cut the last part with scissors as the scallop will not go all the way to the edge where its still attached to the backing iykwim)
Use a corner rounder on the corners on the to section and ink each edge if thats the look you like.
Place double sided tape on the three points shown below.
Place DST on the bottom of the pouch and fold it all in on itself and apply pressure to secure.
Ink again if there are any white edges showing and press flat.
Apply a sticky dot to each bottom corner to keep the folds closed.
To create the decorative hole at the top, use a circle punch to punch through all the layers.
On a darker cardstock punch out the same hole. Around that hole, punch a scallop circle so you are left with a scallop frame. Place this over the hole and it gives it a decorative edge.
Now decorate as you wish. I fastened some ribbon around the bottom of mine in a completely different colour as a little contrast. The Yummy stamp is from the Stampin' Up! Sale a bration catalogue.
Pop a little packet of sweets/treat inside the pouch and its done :)


  1. Too cute for words! You always make such gorgeous stuff debbie xx

  2. Debbie, this is fabulous!!! I love how elegant it looks with this pattern! Beautiful job and thank you very much for sharing!!!

  3. This is beautiful, such a great idea for party favors. Thanks for sharing with us x

  4. Your amazing!! nothing else to say xx


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