Monday, 30 March 2009

Happy bunnies all round...

One very happy little boy who is loving his new Clone Wars outfit (bought with his own birthday money - Thank you Nana Sue!) :) He had to wear it straight away as soon as we got home and had to be wrestled out of it otherwise pjs wouldnt have worked last night! lol He chose a birthday cake covered with smarties, munchies, rolos, masses of chocolate and zero calories so that mummy could have a piece! ;)
On another fab plus note - I have been asked to teach every other Thursday night! How cool is that - it means i can now plan the classes like Im a proper teacher! LOL (i still think of it as playing with paper etc but its nice to have an official role at the shop!)

I managed to get the rest of the Smirk goodies today so all the parcels will be on their way tomorrow - keep an eye out for the postie ladies :)


  1. What a darling youngster! I'm glad he picked out such a healthy cake! Congrats on being asked to teach! Very deserved!

  2. What a lucky little man - please send me a doggy bag with some of that choccie cake in lol
    Great news about the classes - fab when 'working' is actually something you enjoy! *hugs* xxx

  3. Sounds like he had a lovely birthday! And I think it looks like a zero calorie cake too.
    I love smirk.....


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