Sunday, 27 December 2009

...and our last day of pressie swapping :)

We finished off our last pressie swap today when we visited Stuarts mums :) The boys were so excited this morning and we headed off soon followed by 'are we there yet?' Thankfully the satnav counts down how long it will take so they were watching that most of the way! lol

Look what i got!! Sue passed it to me and said 'It wasnt my idea, im expecting you to throw it at me!' lol OMG what could it be!! LOOK!! How fab is this cake tin I mentioned it to hubby ages ago and forgot all about it but he obviously passed on my wishlist as i got it!! :) We were totally spoilt, fed and watered and the boys had so much fun playing on the Wii. At home we played the sports disk until it broke so they loved the fact they could whip each other at baseball and bowling once again! lol (and i cant believe how old they all look in these pictures - geez nothing like making me feel ancient - especially with another one kicking the life out of me!! Remind me if i ever feel broody again that im getting to old for this!!) lol

Ok, im off to watch Wolverine and dream of my pyjama day tomorrow chilling at home - sweet dreams!! xxx


  1. Oh that cake tin is simply adorable! what a fantastic gift!
    have a well deserved rest tomorrow!

  2. Just wanted to say a huge thanks for my lovely book which arrived on Christmas Eve! Sorry been too busy to thank you before woith all the family here,,, can't wait to become a 'domestic goddess' like you in the new year! Lol!

    Cheers darlin... really chuffed. Your pics are lovely btw, looks like you all had a fab time!

  3. WOW!!! Just take a lookie at that tin. Awsome or what?!

    Can't wait to see your creations using it chick!


  4. Oo can't wait to see a cake made with that tin. Will take a lot of greasing though! Please post a pic when you've tried it.


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