Friday, 4 December 2009

Chocolate and mixed nut cookies.........

Ive decided for 12 days i will pop a recipe on here along with step by step pics etc :) That way i get to share some yummy recipes and it also means we get to do a little advent type of thing - on the 12th day (which will actually be on the 13th as i didnt start until the 2nd Dec) i will be giving away a copy of Nigella Lawsons How to be a Domestic Goddess! Soooooo, on the 3rd day of Christmas my recipe for you is......

Chocolate and Mixed nut cookies :)

9oz butter softened
9oz dark muscovado sugar
2 eggs, beaten
13oz self-raising flour
4tbs cocoa powder
2tbsp vanilla extract
9oz dark chocolate chips
4oz mixed nuts, chopped (i used pecans and brazils)Method

1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees/375f. Grease 2 large baking trays.

2. Put butter and sugar into a bowl and cream until fluffy. Gradually beat in the eggs. Sift flour and cocoa powder into a seperate bowl, then fold into the egg mix with the vanilla essense. Stir in the chocolate chips and nuts.3. Drop rounded large walnut sized balls of mix onto the baking trays, press down lightly but leave looking rustic, leave plenty of space to allow for spreading during cooking.4. Bake for 12/15 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven and let cool slightly before transfering to wire racks to cool completely. Store in airtight containers for approx 2 weeks :)

Due to being up all night with sick kids our little elf thought it best not to get up to any trouble last night - i think he was worn out after running round wth 3 of them ill!! Thankfully today was a school fair so he came to help out - the boys thoroughly enjoyed it and i could have sold the little elf ten times over!! lol Heck he has to be good some of the days doesnt he?? ;)


  1. Hi Debbie just to say I made the chocolate mint crisp with the extra strong mints and it is GORGEOUS !!! Elizabeth Shaw mint crisps eat your heart out! LOL Thanks for the recipes - chocolate caramel shortbread tomorrow!! Yum - you are not very good for my diet!!

  2. oooh, I'm all cookery inspired!! Off to Morrisons for bits n bobs for biccies inc obligatory Christmas mag for during 'tastings' and my saturday is taken care of!!

    Have a good weekend Debbie

    BH x

  3. THANK you for the recipes hunny- I'm gonna give them a go!!

  4. You are an inspiration. Hope your little ones are feeling better soon. more to the point hope yourself an DH miss out.
    Rachael XX

  5. great recipies- do u have a "tried and tested" brand of dark choc you use?

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the recipes. Hope your poorly kiddies are better soon xxx

  7. I agree with Rachael, you are a real inspiration and would love to know your secret.
    Going to try your mint crisp later but can't see it lasting long.
    Have a great weekend
    Beki xxx

  8. Mmm these look really yummy! Kim

  9. Store for 2 weeks? Are you having a laugh? They would be gone within 2 hours! Another scrumptious looking recipe, thanks Debbie :)

    Hope your boys feel better soon.

  10. Hi Debbie,

    Glad they like the elf, I'll have to start taking orders for next year - I've sold all 5 of my little men now! Maybe one of their cousins could send your elf a message - what do you think?


  11. Oh my goodness, where have I been??? I have just discovered your rather delicious blog and am now drooling like a mad woman at all the gorgeous things you have here. I will certainly be back again and again.
    Loving your little elf - what a gorgeous idea!

  12. those cookies just look gorgeous. .i am so going to make these over the weekend.. dont know how long they will last for !!!

    hope your feeling better soon..


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