Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas again...

Thats exactly what it was like today - Christmas day all over again and the boys even posed for a pic TOGETHER!! We spent the day at my little sisters, all the pressies were passed around, food eaten, pictures taken, so many laughs it hurt and then too much ice outside a slow walk to the car while skating around! (Not a pretty sight - 23 weeks pg and waddling, being held up by hubby!) lol
Ive emptied all the boys selection boxes into a huge bag and i think we have enough there to stock a reasonable size tuck shop! Honestly there is masses and if i left them all to their own devices it would be all gone within a week and no proper meals would be eaten again! lolTomorrow we head off to Stus mums for the day so more pressie swapping ( i will share the album i have made for them once we come home)

.... plus i think there may be some cooking coming up since i was almost baking cupcakes at 8pm last night! Think it might have had something to do with receiving 3 new cookbooks for The Hummingbird Bakery!! Yayy!! :D


  1. Fuuny, i've had the urge to bake aswell. Crazy seeing as there's so much food in the house lol.
    Love the Hummingbird book, still working my way through it. My eldest son bought me'The Pioneer Woman' (thanks for mentioning it or I may never of come across it) and can't wait to try out some of the recipes. I think the first one will be the meatloaf as i've never made that before and OH has given it the thumbs up.
    Enjoy tomorrow
    Beki xxx

  2. Fabulous piccies and they are all looking so grown up.

    Can't wait to see them with their baby Sister.

    Happy Christmas xxx

  3. you have some gorgeous boys! Happy Christmas

  4. What handsome boys you have and don't they look so happy!

  5. your boys are gorgeous! you must be one proud Mum. I had a baking book for Christmas as well-and a real urge to move away from Christmas cake and onto flapjack and shortbread!


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