Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sharing some Bo Bunny....

Im nipping in here between the 12 days of Christmas recipies to share a couple of the Bo Bunny projects ive recently made :)

This one is a set of advent envelopes made with the Tis the Season range of papers...Im working on a tutorial on how to make the envelopes etc. We open one each day and it gives us the title of a Christmas movie to watch, a Christmas book to read and a little Christmas treat to do (from baking mince pies to decorating the tree) :) It could be adapted to work just as well for birthdays, special occasions or just for the heck of it! lol

It feels like its a long time since i worked on layouts and this is another from our Christmas of 2007. The theme this time was buttons which worked really well again with the Tis the Season range of papers as they have these fab snowflakes already imprinted onto the sides of the paper - all i had to do was tie a little knot into the buttons and attach and it looks so much more effective :)

I will be back later tonight with our 7th recipe - im off into town shortly to pick up some ingredients i need :)


  1. omg i need a set of advent envelopes NOW! amazing as always Debbie Xx

  2. WOW, I just love those envelopes. I can't believe you have time to do all of these wonderful things. Be a mum and be ill. You are amazing
    Rachael XX

  3. Ooooo.... these are lovely. How do you manage to do all these lovely things as well as looking after the house and family?

  4. What cute envelopes - and what a very clever idea, I love the layout of your little one - A very handsome little chap I must say.
    Take Care - Ju xx

  5. Gorgeous Debbie. I have left you something on my blog. Thanks for lots of inspiration
    Suzanne x

  6. Saw your advent envelopes on the Bo Bunny blog, such a great idea.
    Definately one to put in my book for next year.
    Lovely layout for your little man too.
    I did have to smile at Susiemay's comment as I was wondering the same. Go on, please tell me your home is a pigsty lol.
    Looking forward to your next recipe.
    Beki xxx

  7. Hi Debbie - do you ever sleep - what a fab idea with the advent envelopes - loving the recipes - I will be bigger than a house by Christmas as I have to keep trying the recipes out - just munching our way through Rocky Road at the mo!!!! Take care XX

  8. Always amazed at how much you do - you are a super homemaker! Do you have a staff to help?


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