Sunday, 12 December 2010

Angels & Wreaths!

I can remember being little and wanting to throw myself into the huge piles of snow to make snowangels, it was always icy cold and ended up down the back of my jacket, matted in my now soggy hair and it was a nightmare to get back up without ruining the whole angel! lol
The boys obviously have the same thoughts and threw themselves onto the ground on the way home from the Christmas Carol service, being the good mummy I am I had my camera with me (ok so only just remembered it at the last second!) and snapped some photos! I was torn between 'ack there might be dog muck and I SO want to join them!' LOL

Confession time......I love pompoms! I could sit for hours (and believe me i did!) and make all kinds of sizes and colours! I knew exactly what i wanted to do for one of my Christmas wreaths this year so set to work on making a pompom wreath. The cardboard circles to start with were cut using 2 of the small circle nestabilities (not the very smallest - the next size was used for the hole in the middle and then the next size up was used for the outer circle - does that make sense?) When finished, each pompom is approx 2 to 3 inches in diameter.These are ordinary 99p balls of wool and I have enough left for possibly a wreath with smaller pompoms - it only took me one day and I love the finished look - cosy I think is the word im looking for! :)

Later I will share pics of the rag wreath and bling (be still my heart!!) wreath I have made too... :)


  1. Flippin gorg!!..Can't wait to see the "bling" as i am a bling girl at heart :D xx

  2. wow awesome pom pom wreath i want one but dont think i have the patience, i use my hand to make pom pom , looks awesome though!

  3. Beautiful! and I think cozy is the perfect word to describe it!

  4. I still throw myself into the snow to make angels .... you're never too old! Lovely pom pom wreath Debbie x

  5. this is fantastic, i used to love making pom poms such a cool idea x
    thanks for sharing
    Suzie Qx


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