Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Catching up and making plans!

Im playing catch up right now, you now that time between Christmas and New Year when everything seems to be in limbo?! Diet doesnt start until the first so im making the most of that and I still need to work out a resolution chart for next year.....will show pics once im done. I did however manage to bag a load of Christmas decorations today in Sainsburys at 75% off!! Im all done on the cards, tree decs and wrapping paper (10 rolls for £1 at the cardshop in Durham!)

Tomorrow I am making and uploading the last 2 recipes for the 52 week challenge - Blackforest Cupcakes and Cinema Cupcakes....yep both from my upcoming you know what! ;)

I have sent off my application to be on the second series of Great British Bake Off....dont know whether im excited or scared!! Guess we will find out soon! lol The even asked if I would give a shout out on my blog for any other budding bakers so if you would like to enter too please email for an application form - Good Luck!! :)

Before I go.....Whats on your resolution list for 2011?? Leave me a comment below and I will send a little resolution inspired pressie to the randomly selected winner :)


  1. So my word for 2011 is 'perserverance' (I am a serial quitter!) and I have broken down my resolutions into 3 month chunks to make them more manageable:

    Jan - Mar: A healthier lifestyle
    Apr - Jun: Quality family time
    Jul - Sep: Finish it off
    Oct - Dec: Get it scrapped.

  2. Happy New Year to you. My resolution is to lose that last stone (more like two after Christmas) and to complete a project before starting a new one!

  3. Debbie, the best of luck with the application on the Great British Bake Off. Fingers crossed they pick the best....!

  4. Good luck with your application - loved that show. My goal for 2011 is to get more organised - I am invariably late for most things, cannot remember where I put something and am a great one for starting projects and not finishing them (hangs head in shame that I dind't keep up with your receipe challenge!)

  5. Oh, good luck - you are soooooo brave!
    Haven't quite decided on my resolutions yet - it's something my husband and I sit down and discuss on Hogmanay. But overall I just want to be generally more organised. I want to get into proper housework routines and have everything in its place!

  6. Oh my the bake off, it will be awsome to see you on there!

    My resolution is to try a new recipe each week cooking from scratch and not using jars or packets!

    looking forward to the cupcakes...

  7. I am not kidding, when I watched the first series of The Great British Bake Off I thought of you and your blog. I hope you get through, you would be fantastic. My resolution is to stop hating my post baby weight and stop living in the past. I also resolve to create something everyday even if its something small and only takes a few minutes to create.

  8. i havent really made a resolution as such but i have compiled a list of 50 things i'd like to do next year - or at least i will try my best to complete it :)
    its on my blog x

  9. Wow how fab would that be?? I hope you're successfull as I'm sure you'd win hands down. I'm going to try to be more organised with myself and have a place for everything and everything in its place!! as I'm sooo untidy, Lucey xx

  10. Wow good luck with your application. My resolution is to stop biting my nails. I try every year, but this year I am going to do it xx

  11. Good luck with your application! You surely deserve it.
    My resolution (not starting on Jan 1st but right now) enjoy every single day. Period.
    In my school where I work, a kid fell on the head while ice skating and has been in a coma ever since. This just reminds me how precious my family is and that NOTHING is more important.

  12. Good luck with the application I love the programme. I haven't quite got the nerve to enter myself.

    As for new year resolutions I have quite a few lol. My last 'baby' starts school in January so I am making 2011 my year. I am going to loose weight, pass my driving test, hopefully expand my business and then loads of little things like learn to use my camera properly, do something for myself each day, try a new recipe each week.

    Have a wonderful new year and I am looking forward to the cinema cupcakes xx

    laura xx

  13. The best of luck for the show, Deb. I loved the first one. Mum recorder it for me as I was at cake dec classes when it was on. My resolution has to be to lose some weight but...with all the baking I've been doing - I doubt it. Maybe I should try to resolve to stick to my resolutions instead, lol. xx

  14. My goal for 2011 is to lead a more balanced life. To find the time for work but not to let me or those I love and care about suffer because of it.

    It's going to be tough to find that balance but with some organisation I can do it!

    And good luck for Great British Bake Off! They'd be bonkers not to pick you!

  15. Best of luck with the show, I will keep my fingers crossed for you, it would be amazing to see you on it :).

    My new years resolutions for next year are:
    1. To blog more frequently
    2. To have lots of fun
    3. To try as many new things as possible - mainly craft inspired though

    Why make new years resolutions a drag, we may as well have fun with them hey, life is far to short :)

    Take care and good luck.


  16. My New Year Resolution -
    To finally make that Scrapbook Album I have talked about all year and is now covered in dust - although I still need help from one special person ;)

    Make someone happy - Bake it x

  17. Good Luck on the bake off, I sadly slid into oblivion following your recipes earlier in the year, and sadly have just found you again....must look back at what yumminess you have done. Belated congrats too on the baby girl :)

  18. Good Luck with getting onto the bake off.

    Two resolutions for next year -

    1. Seize the day - get on and live life to the full. I have just had some bad news about a family member today and it has reminded me that life is way too short to put things off.

    2. Do new things - try other crafts, use new recipes, read some different authors. Just get out of the rut and my comfort zone.

    Karen x

  19. Hi Debbie I hope you get onto the great British bake off, I loved watching the first one and your recipes are so yummy.
    My resolutions for the new year are to exercise more,eat healthier and do more crafting, but only buy craft stash if I really really need it lol (not sure I can keep the last one lol) wishing you and your family a Happy New Year hugs Maxine x

  20. Hi Debbie, do hope we will get to see you on the telly, I love that show.
    My resolution is to be more organised and prepared. The thought of it sends a cold shudder down my spine.
    Pat xx

  21. Hi Deb

    Congratulations on the Great British Bakeoff - thers no doubt you should be there.

    Resolutions - a few

    1. Lose weight and tone up
    2. Create/craft one new project per week.
    3. Tell my mum I love her every day (we found out on the 29th her cancer has returned and is now in her face), so say we are gutted doesnt cover it.

    Sorry to bring a "down" moment to your blog.

    Love to you all and a Happy 2011



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