Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snowy Wednesday :)

It hasnt stopped here, all the boys are still off school and I really cant see them getting back anytime soon unless a big thaw happens! It is well over a foot (probably 2ft) deep and the boys have made little flat tracks around the garden so that the cats can meander around without getting lost! lol

Scotts wisdom of the day...

'Whos is that pizza on the bench?'

'Its not pizza its Focaccia'

'For Who?? Whos Katya??'

Oh the joys of boys, between explaining Italian bread and listening to the cries of 'he took my turn on the Xbox', Im almost ready to dig trenches to the schools!! lol

Congratulations Louise - please email me your address so I can pass it on to Bev at BananaFrog to send out your stamp set :)

Get ready to drool, look what I stumbled across on the net the other day -how gorgeous is this!!
Found it - check here for many a droolworthy item!! They are all handmade and are Ellies own designs - check out her blog here too for lots of recipes.

How do you store your herbs and spices - I have millions of little jars i have to check every time im looking for a particular one - surely theres got to be an easier way??


  1. That is awesome! What site did you find it on? We're having a new kitchen next year so I need ideas ;)

    Hope the snow melts soon for you. It's just started here now but only about 1cm on the ground.

  2. Sadly my Jamie Oliver spice rack is consigned to a cupboard - apart from the peppercorns which just jumped to freedom on the kitchen floor - Looks fab - not sure I would pay £400 for it though :)

  3. Every smart kitchen should have one of those taking pride of place, love the colour too, Lucey xx

  4. Brilliant Focaccia bread story :)

    i won, i won thank you Debbie, ooh how i love banana frog stamps! Maybe its the frezzing weather killing off what's left of my brian cells, but i can't find your email address to send you my details?? Please can you help me lol! thanks xx

  5. Lol at the who's Katya!:) That shelf is just gorgeous!!!! Hmmm my spices are hidden away in a cupboard and a total pain to get to.


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