Tuesday, 21 December 2010

You bought me a what for Christmas??

Im not youre normal girl, ask me what I want for Christmas and Im happy with something for the house....heck I get excited when I need to buy a new toaster!! (which is around now!)

Last year my mum in law bought me the most fabulous baking tin (the castle - remember??) and when we visited she also gave me some beautiful cream curtains she bought for her living room but hadnt even taken out of the packet!! I was in heaven! LOL

Well, Christmas came for me around a week ago when CSN delivered my new scales and kettle...yep that is what I chose to review.

My old kettle was pink polka dot so I thought it was about time I upgraded to a more grown up one! The one I ordered is from Sabichi and is off white with silver detail. The fact it has a thermometer on the front swung it for me - ok im a gadget freak when it comes to the kitchen and i love the look of it! Yes I really did order a kettle because I liked how it looked and not because of performance reviews - it is rather vintage chic isnt it! lol


The temperature guage tells you as it gets warmer so we know that once it cools back down to a certain point then the water is perfect for Evangelines bottles! No more squirting icy or hot water onto our wrists. The button on the handle flips open the lid for easy fill. Highly recommended and well used already ;)

My old scales were black with a teeny bowl that Ive had for around 10 years so when I saw these Kitchen Craft ones I fell in love! They are so pretty, shabby chic looking and the bowl is approx 4 times the size of my old one!! They weigh up to 2kg which is less than some scales out there but more than enough for home baking. The stainless steel bowl removes completely and has a flat base which is ideal if you have measured all the ingredients into the scales to then mix. The needle does need repositioning each time before you weigh but I have always had to do that with previous scales so thats not a problem. They are bold and large enough to draw attention and have even been called beautiful by other kitchen addicts who have visited! :) Highly recommended for the home baker :)


  1. What great items you've chosen. I'm right behind you with the whole getting excited about items for the home, if I buy something for the kitchen I cant wait to get home and re-organise everything so my new item feels right at home and If I buy something for the living room DH knows he's going to come home from work with all the furniture and pretties rearranged just so my new item is displayed beautifully - Are we mad or is it normal - I'm going with normal :) :)

  2. I get excited about new items for the home too lol. Those scales look fabby x


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