Thursday, 30 December 2010

Week 52 - Black Forest Cupcakes!!

I should have called these Enchanted woodland instead of black forest! In fact, since theyre my cakes I am changing their name!!

Enchanted Woodland Cupcakes. (ta-da that was easy!) lol

A combination of dark chocolate ganache and hazelnut, cranberry and blueberry topping mixed with the soft cocoa centre and juicy dark cherries!

Grown up luxury with the added benefit of passing it off as part of your 5 a day! ;)


6oz self raising flour
2oz cocoa
1tsp baking powder
3oz soft butter
3oz caster sugar
1 egg
2tsp vanilla extract
7fl oz milk
8oz cherries (I used Sainsburys canned pitted whole cherries)

Ganache and topping.

5oz dark chocolate
5floz double cream
1oz hazelnuts
1oz dried blueberries
1oz cinnamon coated cranberries

Preheat oven to 180 degrees c. (Makes 12)

Cream the butter and sugar together until well mixed and fluffy. Sieve the flour, cocoa and baking powder and add a little at a time to the butter/sugar mix. Add a little milk - alternate between the flour, vanilla and milk, adding both until completely mixed. Cut the cherries in half and gradually fold them into the chocolate mix. Spoon into cake cases and bake for approx 15-20 minutes or until firm to touch. Leave to cool completely before making the ganache.
Melt the chocolate and cream together over a pan of boiling water, stir continually until glossy and smooth. Leave to cool slightly while you chop up the fruit and nuts. Spoon the ganache onto the cakes and sprinkle with the fruit and nut mix. Allow to harden before eating :)

Hope you enjoy xx


  1. You have to stop all this goodness Debbie, I'm almost drooling at your wonderful recipes!


  2. I have just spent the last hour drooling over your blog and all the yummyness you have been creating! Now off to write a few 'extras' on the shopping list! :) Wonderful blog, and such naughty but YUMMY recipes! All the best for 2011 xx

  3. che dolci meravigliosi, mi viene l'acquolina in bocca solo a vederli!
    Sono arrivata qui dal blog di BF e ti seguirò ancora...


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