Thursday, 23 December 2010

Oh for the love of.....

...freecycle!! Boy how I love the whole concept, you dont want something...someone else does. You didnt even know you needed something, you can betcha someone else is giving it away and you REALLY need it now - like, before anyone else sends an email asking for it. Then you panic press refresh incase you werent first to ask, you wait for the email confiming and then do a little dance that you got something you realise you couldnt live without anymore!

Yes I only went and got another dresser!! OK, so I know I redid the kitchen and got rid of my old one but ever since it went ive missed it -honest! (and yes that is the wall that use to have the bunting etc - I papered the whole right hand side of the kitchen and painted the rest white).

Isnt it pretty! Not sure on painting it yet but even if i did i would leave the worktop wooden and paint the rest in my signature shabby off white style! lol Hmmm, maybe a job to contemplate AFTER Christmas!

Whats the best thing youve gotten from Freecycle/Freegle - whatever the heck yours is called?? lol


  1. thats a fab dresser - good find! Im a freecycle virgin as yet!!!

  2. Brilliant dresser - I couldnt work out how the freecyle website worked, I will have to go have another try.

  3. Love it, and can't wait to see you transform it!!
    Haven't found anything decent on our Freecycle yet, will need to keep looking !
    Have a lovely Christmas : )

    Sharon xx

  4. loads and loads and loads, we kitted out Lauras flat, electric cooker, microwave, freezer, brand new blinds, curtains, tv, rug, table, the lot really plus pots pans etc. Its a wonderful thing freegle (as its clled down here)

  5. That is FAB Debbie! Another Freecycle virgin here :)

  6. Great dresser! I agree with you, I would paint it simply because it's that not so nice orange pine (varnished new pine). I do love wood, but only really pre-1950s pine when it has aged. I do get upset when people paint very old wood, but I think yours will look amazing painted! x

  7. Love that dresser too. Wish I could find something like that on my local freecycle

  8. go on paint it, you know you want to :)
    I'm still looking for a nice 6 chest o drawers to come up on freecycle!

  9. Yay I love freecycle too.
    I recently got a Xmas tree!! And it's perfect! I've managed to get a load of cookery magazines too & oh and a huge box of books.
    But my best memory was when I'd given away some of my youngest clothes & the recipient was so happy esp with the scooby doo dressing up outfit!
    Wishing you & the family a wonderful Christmas xxx

  10. Yay!!! It's fab sweetie. I give loads away on Freegle but I've never actually got anything from it. So I've given the ying but never collected the yang, so to speak xoxoxox


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