Sunday, 19 December 2010


Where did Friday, Saturday and Sunday go?? I seem to have lost 3 days in the blog ether minute im planning my posts and the next its half a week later and I havent updated! lol

Tomorrow is Ethans 6th birthday, I really cant believe my baby boy is 6!! It doesnt seem like 5 minutes since he was born and here we are again.....stay small little one, youre growing too fast! Love you son! xxx

Presents to wrap and a cake to finish baking - well I had to wait for the 100 greatest toys programme to finish. My Little Pony, Carebears, Cabbage Patch Kids, Girls World to name a few .....sigh! :)


  1. Happy birthday Ethan! Have a fun day!
    Debbie, I've still got my Girls World in the loft! Original box too.

  2. Happy Birthday Ethan!

    I don't know where the last few days went either - possibly the effects of being marooned by a whole INCH of snow!


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