Tuesday, 4 June 2013

XPG - by Jenni Falconer. Work out range at Debenhams. Review.

When I was approached by Slimpod to trial their weight loss system I jumped at the chance!

  Along with the audio tape I received some workout clothes from Debenhams - the XPG range by Jenni Falconer. 

Quote taken from Debenhams Blog: 

“Those little things that I’ve always wanted like pockets for house keys have been included because Debenhams listened. So now I have places to put my keys, my Oyster card and my earphones.
“I like quite simple sportswear. The big brands have cool looking bright yellow gear but not necessarily for every shape and size. But XPG has achieved something that’s flattering but also practical.”
Another advantage the XPG range has is that Jenni runs in the clothing herself and knows the kind of punishment it can handle.
She said: “I did the Great North Run in XPG kit. So you can actually run in it. It’s not just a fashion range, it proves that it’s good stuff and I’ve had some really nice feedback. I wear it to go to the gym, yoga and running.
“I can stand up and say that it works for all these sports and activities.”
I can honestly say this is the most  comfortable workout gear I have ever worn!  They are so light and tight but not clingy!  The lightweight material has little pockets for my earphones when im out running from Zombies (see the post from the other day!) lol 

Im not a purple person but this is so cute and quite slimming too.  I really hope that once I slim down that I can still wear these as my regular workout wear.   At £22 for the leggings and £20 for the top I think they are great value that will stand the test of time and many a washing machine cycle! 

*opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by receiving these items from Debenhams*

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