Sunday, 23 June 2013

Social Sunday!

Ive been MIA for the past couple of days due to an impromptu trip to London for a Flora Tea Party! 

I did my usual London tourist bit and wandered around for a while taking pics of the eye, having coffee in Covent Garden and generally people watching! 

Another coffee, outside of the Theatre.  Im a coffee addict when im plotting (more info on that one later)...

The tea party was held on the Deck of the National Theatre (and I will share pics soon but I forgot my camera memory card so had to use Marjas phone!!)  

 We got to create funky sandwiches, play games and eat lots of cake - we also got a goodie bag with bread and Flora to bring home! 

We had a fabulous time and I got to see my lovely friend and stay at hers again where we crochet' until late and most of Saturday.  I picked a pattern that looked so cute but boy was it a little b*gger to start out with  - however 2 squares later i seem to have the hang of it and dont even need the pattern anymore!  

The train journey home provided the perfect time to finish off the second square!


Since its Social Sunday - link up your blog below with what you have been up to this week and i will pop by for a visit! :)



  1. Hi Debbie, next time you come to London you'll have to visit Berkshire - come see Windsor Castle or Hampton Court :) xx
    Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe

  2. It was so much fun and I can't wait until your next visit! I've managed 4 finished blocks so far and 2 more on the go.


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