Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Weigh in Wednesday!

Been to slimming world and after having 2 bbqs and a few treats this week i was worried!!

I set myself up for hearing that i had gained but thankfully i stayed the same!

No loss but no gain either so bonus! 

As for the Slimpod, I think its having little changes with me - im making more conscious decisions to pick up water instead of juice, im skipping the candy and cake aisles all together now and opting to get off the bus a stop early on the way home from work!

Debenhams sent me some work out gear which is a fabulous pair of bottoms and purple workout top from the XPG by Jenni Falconer range. (See yesterdays review)   I headed off to the gym before weigh in tonight as i knew i hadnt done too well so thought it best to try and rectify that......15 minutes on the exercise bike before trying out the elliptical trainer....DONT DO IT!!! lol  

I wasnt sure on the settings so pressed some buttons and away i went - big mistake....I swear it was a workout for the HULK.   Now dont think bad of me but I did just over one minute and knew i would die soon so pretended my phone vibrated and i stepped off to answer it! 


Im such a coward but passing out on a machine in a gym full of hard working gym bunnies isnt my idea of a good Wednesday night! 

Next week I might try for 2 minutes!! 


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  1. Well done Debs, I help out at our Rosemary Conley class and we always tell the girls ( and guys) if you do not loose weight one week you are sure to have lost inches! The outfits look wonderful.I must check them out. Keep up the good work.x


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