Monday, 17 June 2013

Making Monday!

Evie is following in her mummies footsteps - not only does she do everything i do but shes started to take a real interest in making things!

Mr Maker on CBeebies is her favourite programme at the minute and we have to make everything he does - good job i have a supply of pipecleaners and googly eyes!! lol

I spotted a competition the other day on Facebook to create a self portrait and she jumped at the chance when i suggested she enter.   
We grabbed the craft box and got out all the sticky shaped, paints, pipe cleaners, googly eyes (told you they would come in handy!), cotton balls and glitters and glues! 

The only things i helped her with were curling the pipe cleaners and spotting the glue on the page - she chose what she wanted to use and where to use them.  
I am so proud of her efforts and from this picture, she is too!   She just keeps looking at it and says -  Its Me!!  lol

We entered the competition and found out this morning Evie has won second place!! 

She now has £50 worth of vouchers to spend on clothes at Jelly Lane - and in true mummy/daughter style shes already chosen the dress she wants! doesnt fall far from the tree!



  1. WOW!!!! Well done Evie, fantastic entry too x

  2. Congratulations Evie! That is a fabulous self portrait!

  3. Congratulations Evie - Love the self portrait.
    Julie xxxxxxxx


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