Wednesday, 19 June 2013

They're coming!!

My little sis had a big birthday recently but living down at Alton Towers means that we didnt get to celebrate!

You know what Im like so I got the thinking cap on and realised the perfect answer to her party dreams.....zombies!!

I sent her a decontamination invitation which was supplied from  
We spent today making brain cakes, jelly petri dishes, swabs and decorating the house! 

 The neighbours have been having a field day, slowing down cars as they were driving past and I actually had to go out to one group of girls who thought that it was real blood on the window and were about to freak out! lol

We cordoned off the driveway and the doorway into the house, we had it ready for the boys coming in from school and the looks on their faces made it all worth while. 

 Little sis enjoying a mess around with petri dish and trying to work out a cure for the outbreak... ;)

....the swabs were made with fake blood and sandwich turkey!! Urgh!  Needless to say thats us never having turkey sandwiches again! 

 I loved messing around with the outside of the house and really enjoy it when its Halloween, Easter etc so that we can go completely overboard - the neighbours probably think im nuts!  

My hands are still covered in the fake blood and Im just glad we didnt actually smear it on our faces! 

 Benjamin even took part with his freaky contacts! (yay a few and far between pic of son 1!) 

Hope you enjoyed this and it didnt freak you out too much - i know it was a little gory but it could have been so much worse!! Mwahahahaha - roll on Halloween 2013!

Off for a brain cake and cup of tea - when the zombie apocalypse comes we can still be civilised! 


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