Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Coffee time treats and desk tidy :)

I sat last night with my papers, stamps etc wondering what to make for this months GSS on Papertrey Ink......i think ive finally got something but will keep working on that!
However, when i was experimenting with the card and papers i made 2 new templates! lol Dont you just love it when that happens! :)

Coffee Time Treats box - everyone needs a pick me up now and again and whats better than a treat with a coffee when youre having 5 minutes peace :) Use this little box as a thank you to someone for just being a friend, a 'come over for coffee' invitation box or simply have it standing next to the kettle ready for you to use yourself :)

Take one sheet of A4 cardstock and score starting from the left - 1 1/2 inches / 1 inch / 2 1/2 inches/ 1 1/2 inch/ 2 1/2 inches / 1 1/2 inches /1 inch. Turn the cardstock and score lengthways at 1 inch then 1 1/2 inch marks.......turn 180 degrees and score again at 1 inch then 1 1/2 inch marks and it should look like the photograph below :)
Cut away and discard the pieces as shown below.
Measure and punch 3 holes into the top of the box - they dont have to be plain circles, you could go decorative! (You may need to trim down the overlap near the top as you may not be able to reach this panel depending which punch you are using.....i trimmed the overlap down to the width of the sticky tape.
Adhere double sided tape (yes i go through masses of the stuff and really should buy shares!!) to the pieces as shown below in the photograph. All are on the 'right' side of the panels as they are all to be brought up and secured together.
Bring both side reinforcement pieces in together and fold over the actual side panel. Do the same for both sides as you need both in place before you bring up the back panel.
Bring up the back panel and secure with the double sided tape that is exposed. You can push the back securely by popping your finger inside the holes and pressing firmly.
Assembled box ready to decorate....
The patterned paper i used is the Bitty dots from PTI. I punched out small circles and used the scallop punch to create small frames over the top of these circles. They fit perfectly over the top of the holes which we did earlier. (personal preference but i always ink the edges of my papers - seems to make them flow better)
I decorated mine with ribbon (From my kitchen with love) and used the little coffee cup from the Warm Happiness stamps and the small Enjoy stamp from the Tags for Spring set to create a background paper. The large Enjoy is from the Spiral Bouquet set and the coffee cups are from Warm Happiness - all by Papertrey Ink :)
I made the back piece of the desktidy the same as the above box but cut the sides etc differently to add the slope. The stickles store at the front is a seperate box which is secured with tape and an additional piece of card on the bottom to make it more sturdy. The ribbon and purpose cut patterned paper for the sides hold it all in place too :)
Any questions just give me a shout :)


  1. Wow Debbie, 2 amazing projects - you are so clever to come up with these fab ideas. Who says storage can't be pretty!

  2. wow! Both projects rock! What did you put in the holes of the coffee one?

  3. I love the stickles box - fab. Thank you for sharing

  4. Very cute! Thanks for sharing the directions!

  5. Great projects! I love that stickles box, what a great idea.

  6. These are awesome!! I MUST know what is in the coffee treat box. *grin*

    Thanks so much for sharing. >:0)

  7. yes, please tell what is in the coffee box??

  8. I just love the way you co ordinate your papers and trimmings.
    You have a really good eye for detail...fabulous x


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