Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Creative Zone!

Im rather comfy in my creative zone right now so please can the powers that dictate my life please just let me play for a little while .......... something always seems to crop up when im finding my mojo so please just let me enjoy....even for a little while?! lol
This is my take on the Creative Scrappers Sketch this week, isnt it such a fab concept - i love the whole sketch and im sure you will too if you have a play along :)
Pooh sticks for those that dont know (i dont think theres anyone out there who hasnt heard of Pooh bear but anyways..) Pooh Sticks is when you drop your stick one side of the bridge and run to the otherside to see whos stick comes out first :)
Another layout to share! Last weeks Pencil Lines sketch #147........sorry im late (i have done this weeks too which is the card below!) lol Lots of Websters papers, pearls and ink - and i do love my Martha edging punch (as if you couldnt have guessed!) ;)
Pencil lines # 148 - a simple Thinking of you kinda card :) Thanks for the sketch girls xxx
Ok, the garden.....its getting worse not better but i know its a process - a long process at that!! Anyways look what i found in the garden today!
To finish off todays post i am going to post a pic of Jakes ear now the plasters are off. It is now just waiting for the last bits to fall off (blurgh sorry) and see if its completely healed underneath (can you see where we have been hacking at his hair to get the sticky plasters out without hurting him - hair grows back so no big loss!!) lolA little story while i was in the hospital - you know when some things are just meant to be, coincidence, fate, whatever??
Well, my Little gifts of Kindness calender is going to get me in trouble one of these days, heres what happened......

Todays said 'say something nice to a pregnant lady' - im sorry but when someone told me i was glowing, my hormones took that to mean i was fat! Eek!!

So, coincidence or not i had to take Jake back to hospital today so i bought a box of roses and accosted the first preggers lady i saw....

'Excuse me i know this is going to sound strange but can i give you these - the calender page is there to show you im not a complete wierdo!' *blush*

I think she was too shocked to speak but her hubby was lovely and kept saying wow and thank you :) :)

*sigh* that was a good feeling! xxx


  1. Hi Debbie,

    Fab work!

    Glad to see Jake's ear is getting better :-)

    Rose XXX

  2. Gosh Pooh Sticks - that brings back fond memories!
    Lovely scrapbook layouts - that pic of yourself is lovely - really interesting angle!
    Gorgeous card too - love that colour combo!
    P.S I love your good deed story - you're not crazy, just very sweet (no pun intended LOL!)!

  3. Love your designs!(I found you from the Hero Arts flickr site on the blog addy roll thread).

  4. Oh my gosh, pooh sticks! I did a layout several years ago (so it is kind of my early years), but of course the pics are very similiar to yours!!!


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