Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Woodchip arrgghh!!

Remember this song......

Oh Deborah, do you recall?
Your house was very small,
With woodchip on the wall.
When i came around to call,
You didn't notice me at all.

By Pulp.

Well right now i dont think i would even notice a flippin hurricane rushing through the house!! I HATE WOODCHIP!!! Its driving me nuts to the point of tomorrow im phoning the council to see if they have someone to remove it - or if they have any idea how i can remove it without losing any more nails!


I need chocolate.........mmmmmm thats better - ok so this wasnt from today but the thought of it brought back a smile! :D


  1. Oooh yum, I really want some now!!

  2. I was just flicking through my blog dashboard with Emerson beside me and he just shouted out CAKE!!!! I couldn't even tell what the image was it was so small on dashboard, he's got a talent!! Try using a paint scraper and soaking it first in warm water. I don't envy you one bit at the moment (which is a first!!), that stuff is imperviable once it's been painted a few times, but good luck, Love Jane xxx

  3. LOL! My Dad loves that song (they have been trying to get rid of their woodchip too to the tunes of Pulp!!)
    A good dose of Vitamin C (Cake) should do the job though...especially chocolate ;-)
    Good luck with it all & hope your nails aren't completely trashed. Just keep thinking of that lovely floral wallpaper....mmmmm....

  4. Hi Debbie,

    How frustrating!
    I've never dealt with woodchip I'm afraid... I know we used to soak wallpaper at home before peeling it off (or scraping the more stubborn bits).
    I think they do a steamer machine now that's supposed to soak it quicker/better - I don't know if you can hire them?

    Good luck :-)

    Rose XXX

  5. My first house was covered in woodchip, and yes, I hate it with a vengeance too!!
    A.steam stripper will help a bit, but I think the worst thing bout woodchip, is that it only come off in little pieces, making it a slow job. With normal paper you can score it, soak it, and it can be pulled off in large pieces.
    Good luck, it will be worth it in the end!!

    Sharon xx

  6. You know it's a fact that chocolate and icecream contain a good dose of vitamins to help those nails, well that's what I tell myself anyway...LOL!
    Ah I used to love that song - I'm going to be humming it all day! Maybe Deborah didn't notice 'me' at all because she was trying to strip woodchip from the wall! LOL!
    Good luck with it hun!

  7. Hi.When I moved into my house there was woodchip everywhere.I was told by someone to score the paper first,cover it in wallpaper paste,let it soak in and then it should come of no bother.It worked!The stuff came of in sheets and we got it done in no time.Maybe this will help.x

  8. I don't even know what woodchip is but it sounds BAD!! Eat more cake and I'll eat some for you too ,lol .

  9. We steamed our woodchip last year Deb, it came off quite easy, but we did have to steam til it dripped !!!

    Love and blessings


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