Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Weekend!

I thought, with it being Saturday, we would get a lie in this morning.....i suppose just after 7.30 isnt bad but another hour would have gone down a treat! lol
We headed out first thing to Hamsterley Forest. Its the only time ive been but the boys have been with Daddy before so they knew all the trails etc. :) We walked only half as far as we could have as the boys would rather play on the climbing bits and throw stones into the water......we also played pooh sticks which was really cute!! (especially concidering the water was moving VERY slow!!) lol
After catching some rays, getting lots of fab photos and having a picnic we headed home for tea which was planned as giant yorkshire puddings, mince and veggies..........but since we were having such a fab day we headed off to Pizza Hut instead.......(via B&Q to get the paint for the front door - feng shui says red is a very lucky colour so red it is - or will be when i take the awful raspberry colour back and get a RED RED!!) lol

No crafting today so nothing to share sorry, im too busy drooling over the Papertrey order the girls are placing this month, anyone else wants to jump in give me a yell............its the price of your order, plus 15% for customs, your share of the postage (which is split between everyone equally) and then postage to get them from me to you. As i said, if anyone would like to pop an order in with ours send me an email :)


  1. Hi Debbie,

    We managed 4am til Rianna got up Sat morn, then it was 6am this morn... Not sure why, maybe she;s going through a "stage" - hope it ends soon!

    Good to see you all out and about having fun (and that your boy's ear is not causing him too much of a problem).

    Pooh sticks is so much fun :-)

    Rose XXX


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