Sunday, 2 August 2009

Creative Scrappers sketch # 63

Again the design team have pulled together an amazing selection of layouts. Go check out the Creative Scrappers blog for the full sketch and details for this weeks challenge :) Here is my take on it ....I love this sentiment and knew i had the perfect photo of me and Ethan visiting my mums :)

Its been a pretty quiet weekend here. Ben is at my mums for the holidays, Scott is at Stuarts mums for a week (was picked up yesterday) and DH went away for a boys weekend camping and flying helicopters! Its just been me, Jake and Ethan! Eating rubbish, watching rubbish and getting rid of rubbish! We had had a mass clearout and their bedroom is so clean (i mean you could eat off the floors kinda clean!!) they are even picking things up saying they dont want it messy anymore - im hoping ive turned a corner with them!! lol
I just want to give a quick recommendation to the film Seven Pounds too. I wasnt that into it at the beginning and it was a little bitty (storyline here there and everywhere!) but once it got established i sobbed...........and i mean noise, tears, snot, everything!! Ooh it wasnt a pretty site and i was thanking God i only had the 2 boys with me and they had fallen asleep earlier! lol


  1. I love the layout and the sentiment is beautiful - great piccy of you both.
    I've not seen the film yet but am a big Will Smith fan so will have to get that one.
    Take Care - Ju xxx

  2. omg totally with you on seven pounds, watched it last night , really confused at the beginning, but balled my eyes out at the end!
    definitley want the button bit stamps and i love the freshly baked one also! their stamps are just gorgeous!
    Hugs anna xx


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