Monday, 24 August 2009

Just another manic monday....

Non stop again, this weekend we have managed to fit in visiting my mum, going to the beach, the arcades, visiting Stuarts mum (shes not to bad, in pain but looking better than we thought thankfully), laying flooring (free from Freecycle!) in the bathroom, gutting the boys bedroom after visiting the Carbootsale and buying up enough WWE wrestlers to cover the floor (their own money so hey im not complaining!) and finishing up 2 more layouts and one project for design teams and magazines! Ooh and a late night friday crop too, finished reading True Murder and started the Twilight books .........yep im almost running on empty!! lol

Anyways, while the boys recreate the WWE championships (heres a selection of them - dont focus on the semi nakedness, well unless its John Cena or Randy Orton - go search on google and try not to drool!!).... im going to go make some more goodies for me - ive one more DT project on the go and then its just doing somethings for me....must catch up on some of the sketch sites :)


  1. Godd God Woman!! as usuall i am worn out just reading that!!!

  2. When I saw this photo tiny on my dashboard I thought they were real wrestlers and wondered what on earth you'd been doing Debbie!!!!! You have had a busy weekend.... but doesn't it feel satisfying knowing you've got so much done! Now you deserve some 'me' time - with your craft supplies of course!

  3. yes, i too thought that the little picture on my dashboard depicted an image of semi naked men.... hence the reason that i clicked on it so quick!!!! What a disappoinment (well for me anyway, I'm sure your boys are enjoying them!!!) Glad you're back, I always miss you when you're not around! Love Jane xx

  4. Yes Debbie, the BHS towel bale was bought in store, £20.00 reduced from £40.00. They are new stock though so presume is a promotional price, good luck, they are lovely :)


  5. His Sis :) Is it bad that at 26 I recognise a lot of those semi naked wrestlers?? PS While you're googling John and Randy, add Jeff Hardy in there :) Swoon :)

  6. Freecycle is a wonderful thing!!! We have virtually set up my DD in her new flat!!


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