Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Plastic surgery and buttons bits!

lol what a title! No it wasnt me having plastic surgery! lol It was Jacob, poor little mite has always had an open pore on his ear/face. Its always been really small and no bother but the last year it has been filling up to bursting point and being generally yucky so he was booked in for surgery yesterday. He was a little trooper and thought it hilarious that the doctor drew on his face (ive told him NO to doing it at home!!) lolYou can see on his ear where they drew a circle round the area and the start of the arrow behind his ear where they would take the skin from for the graft (thankfully not needed).

Here he is post op and feeling a little sorry for himself.....right before i picked him up and he threw up all over me! lol Dont you just love their timing!! ;)

Between nursing the sick and general housey stuff, mass clearout still in progress, I have applied for a job as assistant manager at a local charity shop. Its only 18 hours per week but Ethan starts school in sept so it means i will have some extra free time. Also first time on the wii fit today in 39 days, only put on 1lb but it felt a lot more once i started those hulahoops!! lol 30 minute workout overall so not bad.....must keep it going this time!

Ive managed to play with my new button bits stamps some more! I love them! I think this one is my favourite I have made a whole little set with different sentiments etc to use as general 'thinking of you' type cards :)


  1. Hope the little one feels better soon - brave boy! Love your cards, how fab is this set!!! K x

  2. Hope your little man soon feels better. I love buttons and I absolutely love your cards...very nice indeed ;-)

  3. bless him, Riley has the same (hes only two) its a little hole in exactly the same spot and fills up all yucky from time to time!

    I love those button stamps, they'll be going on my wish list i think! :)

    Have a lovely week x

  4. I love this set too - haven't had time to play with it yet but your lovely cards have given me the push to start Debbie. Hope the 'wounded soldier' feels better soon - I'm sure he will!

  5. Hi Debbie,

    I hope you poorly son is feeling better soon :-)

    The button/stamp designs are fabulous!

    Rose XXX

  6. Your poor little boy - I'm so glad he's on the mend, I love the cards - the hot air balloons are too cute.
    Take Care Ju xxx

  7. Bless him - hope he feels better soon.

    Love the cards :)

    Ooh hope you get the job - think of all the goodies you will see coming in - you lucky thing :)

  8. Debbie didn't realise Jake had the same thing as Becca - she has those holes too(one on each ear) Poor wee mite they are nasty little bugger that cause all sort of havoc. Glad to hear he is doing better, they have put Rebecca's surgery off forever it seems over here ,at least he sound never have to suffer with them again ((((((hugs))))))


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