Sunday, 15 November 2009

Can anyone help me!!

I am feeling the need for change! I love my blog but want to update it to a cleaner fresher look - as you can see ive been messing with free backgrounds etc but i cant find anything i really LOVE! Ive given up until i can find something thats ME!
What sites or people would you recommend to make me a new blogger doesnt have to be free, (obv not squillions though!!) :)

I will send a fab package of goodies to the person whos recommendation i use!

EDIT: Ive changed it to a one from Simply Blog It Backgrounds for now and i quite like it - please keep suggestions coming though as i eventually want something custom made :)


    These are so up your street! One of the polkadot ones would look so cute.

  2. Hiya Debbie,

    I use

    Theres some lovely stuff on there, and the instructions on how to use them are so simple (They would have to be for someone like me lol)


  3. If you like mine, check out Erin's page. She's amazing! (Linked from my blog.)

  4. Hello Debbie - first off am absolutely loving all the projects you have been doing lately - you are so creative it's untrue!!!

    Funnily enough I changed my blog header last night to just a collage of piccies I made up of my home.

    In the past though I have used these 2 sites and they are both free and have some lovely backgrounds

  5. I got mine from here debbie I just wanted a clean crisp look (still need to add top header!) it cost me £12 :) which i thought was reasonable

    good luck xx

  6. Some here :)

  7. Hiya hunni
    You should go amd check out
    She'll design all you need especially for you.

    Goog luck

  8. Hi I got mine designed by http/ blogspot if you have a look at mine you'll see how happy designed it for me, I just gave her a few ideas and she put it all together. I could have had a black, red or yellow background but chose the red, you'll see a few more blogs that shes designed on her page. Good luck I hope you find something you like soon Lucey xx

  9. Sorry that should have said a link on my blog for happy) Lucey xx

  10. I love the ones from House of 3, they aren't cheap but are only $3 or so.

  11. I meant they aren't free, but they are cheap....

  12. I quite like the one you have chosen, I was also going to suggest happy loves rosie.
    Good luck,
    Rachael XX

  13. Was going to say Happy and Rosie but see that's already been suggested. Feel like a change myself so I think I may get her to design a layout for me.
    Beki xxx

  14. Hi Debbie

    There is a link on my blog to Veronica, the lovely lady in the USA who designed my blog for me. Her service was fantastic and really resonable in price. Her prices are listed on her blog so you know what to expect and she takes on board everything you have in mind. I would not have had a clue where to start! My blog turned out slightly different than we first imagined but for the better!

    She has designed many blogs, there is a list on her website, she usually has a waiting list though, however does get them done as quickly as possible.

    Katrina xx

  15. Hi.I used Sweete Shoppe Designs for my blog.I paid a few pound for it,but their designs are lovely.x

  16. I got mine from it's a freebie one and I don't know if she does custom. I keep thinking about changing it, I'll spend a whole evening going round blogs changing this, that and the other and then always end up back with this one. I loves my raven. I should just accept that :D


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