Thursday, 5 November 2009

Loads to share!!

Where do i start!! Ive been MIA for a week now due to my mum staying here and we have been crafting for the fair, ive been doing design team work and of course then theres the usual running around thats involved with 4 boys and a hubby! :)
Tonight we are off to a firework display so i thought i best do this post now otherwise theres another day gone! lol
Heres a sneaky peek of an upcoming Bo Bunny project - isnt the Kitchen Spice range just yummy!!
Here are some of the projects we have made for the upcoming Christmas craft fair(s) ... Mini pots of Elderberry chutney, Blackberry Jelly and Plum Jam...
Reindeer Food - The Reindeer stamp is from Crafters Companion....
Face Cloth Swiss Rolls and Chocolate Logs - just need finishing off with twirly ribbon and a sprig of Holly...
Post it note holders - made with Bo Bunny paper (photo may be taken down as they have been submitted to a mag...)
Snowman Kisses - tic tac holders - little 50p stocking fillers :)
The ever adorable face cloth cupcakes with bath pearl...
Purse chewing gum holders, so cute - another little 50p stocking filler...
Sweet pockets - hang from the tree or add to stockings - again 50p...
Flower pot cards - the flowers lift out of the pot and the sentiment is inside :)
I will be getting back on track shortly as we are now finished for the fairs plus my box of lovely new Bo bunny goodies arrived so i will definately be playing lots!! :D


  1. Wow loads of great things there Debbie. You have been busy!
    Debbie x

  2. Wow the things you have made are gorgeous!!!

  3. You've been so busy....Have you even had time to sleep... Everything looks so lovely, It's such a same the craft fair isnt closer to me although i think i'd spend all my pennies at your stand before i got to anyone elses.
    Take Care - Ju xx

  4. Wow you've been rather busy!!! Have fun at the fireworks and expect to not be bringing anything home from your fair, all your makes are gorgeous x

  5. What a busy bee! your makes are fab you should be a very happy crafter! x

  6. Everything is just lovely Debbie.

  7. Everything is just lovely Debbie.

  8. Hi Debbie you are so talented! I am sure you will sell loads!

    Can I ask do you send your stuff to magazines on a freelance basis or is it commissioned?

    Hope you don't mind me asking
    all the best

  9. Thud! That's the sound of me hitting the floor! Gorgeous and inspirational yet again xXx

  10. Wow, you've been really busy! All the things youve made look really good too! Hope all goes well at the fair.

  11. Debbie your makes are exquisite and you present your items so could have me buying a phial of water and selling it to me as a snowmans tears because you would market it so well...I'm in awe xxxx

  12. Love the facecloth cupcakes.What great ideas.x

  13. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing all your goodies x


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