Thursday, 12 November 2009


I want to say a huge huge thank you to everyone for all the encouragement, comments, sweet emails and messages!!
My blog hit 200 the heck did that happen??!
I dont even know 200 people, ok so im getting there on the kid front, only 195 to go after this one but that doesnt count does it??
These are real grown up people, damn talented ones too, thanking me for making things and giving inspiration - sheesh that just blows my mind - i just play with paper n stuff!

Anyways, as a thank you to you all im offering a giveaway containing a little selection of something from each of my favourite pleasures in life - we have Crafty things, Christmas goodies, Chocolates, A Bath Bomb, Mini Heart Silicone cases, a Yankee Candle Cinammon Stick melt ....even a cuddly toy!!I will leave this open until next Thursday so you have a week to get your comments in below......refer a friend and have them say your name as well as theirs and you get an extra entry :) Entirely up to you what to write........tell me what you love about the upcoming holiday season, do you prefer baking over crafting, do you want me to get to 300 followers quickly so we can have another giveaway or do you just want to shout 'LET ME WIN'.......choice is yours :)

Can i just give a little shout to a lovely lady called Jayne (not sure if shes got a blog but if she has i will link back when i find it!) who i bought this darling Elf from!! Dont tell my boys though as ive already planned his arrival on the 1st of December to help us with the Christmas know the kind of thing......making cookies for Santa, decorating a stocking, hanging the boys underpants on the Christmas tree while theyre all asleep.......even elves need some mischief ;) Its going to be so much fun!! :)


  1. Congrats on your friends!! Love your blog! Christmas is my favorite. Epecially since I became a fan of Shabby Chic. I love to get out all of my pinks and greens and decorate. I wish I could keep them up all year lol...Have a great day!! Winona

  2. I am not at all surprised Debbie :) :) :) Enjoy!! oh and I love the elf too xx

  3. Querida Debbie,

    Eu adoro o teu blog! Está entre os meus favoritos!!! Parabéns pelos 200 seguidores (eu já sou tua seguidora faz um tempo). Tenho certeza que chegarás rapidamente nos 300.
    Gostaria de te convidar para visitar o meu blog:
    Os teus trabalhos são muito inspiradores!!!

  4. Ohooo Debbie what a charming giveaway, I would love to go in the hat please :)

    Mmmmm I would have to say the food is my favourite thing about the upcoming holiday season, I love picking at all the yummy food on offer for days and days and days ;)

    Chocolate oranges being one of my favourites :)

    Gorgeous photographs of you by the way, 'bloomin' marvelous :)


  5. Hi Debbie, I would love to be included in your giveaway. I just love Christmas. I love buying presents and am enjoying making a few this year too. I love to see peoples faces when they open the presents. Putting up the christmas tree and decs is really exciting. Mine is purples and silver. A complete maternity purchase. Although I have to say I do rather like it.
    The children have aquired or made some lovely decorations so I thought this year I might do some twirly twigs just for them.
    I love the little elf. I hope he doesn't get up to too much mischief (or if he does you blog about it). You could have lots of fun.
    Congratulations on hitting over 200 followers, though I am not in the least suprised. you are so creative.
    hope you are enjoying your evening
    Rachael XX

  6. Debbie, your stuff is amazing and I love love love looking at all your makes!!! I would love to be as talented as you!!! I am looking forward to this christmas to see my two boys faces - have different surprises for them this year, with homemade advent calenders and 2 little elves coming to stay with us. We have our first attempt at a gingerbread house (courtesy of IKEA) - I think this one is going to be a good one!
    Congrats on all your followers - best wishes Ali.b.

  7. Love your blog, it's so inspiring. I love crafting and baking, I couldn't pick which I love more!

  8. wowsers 200 followers :) well i just love xmas shopping and feeling all festive whilst doing it :) usually wearing glitter head boppers all day and drowning myself in lattes and cupcakes and of course present bags xx

  9. Yay 200 followers!!
    Tons on inspiration on your blog!

    I love the build up to Christmas with my boys getting excited. I thankfully have all my santa shopping complete so i can relax and enjoy making crafts, cooking with the kiddies and the gingerbread lattes from starbucks lol!

    Love the cute wee elf!

  10. Not entering the giveaway, but just wanted to say congrats with your followers, you deserve and have worked hard for every single one...and I just lurve the Elf xxxx

  11. ~waving Hello~
    Don´t forget to count those, like myself, that follow you via Bloglines or other type of blog feeds. There are more than 200 visiting. :)

    What are the boxes at the back? I´d share anything with Tatiana except the box in the middle of the picture. Lol!

    Btw, if you need help with translating Lúcia´s message just let me know. :)

    Loved the elf idea, going to find our own helper for cookie baking. We do lots of batches with all the kids friends. They eat most of them so we need to bake again and again and again. :D

  12. Hi Debbie

    Lovin' your blog - it's bump-tious !

    My favourite thing about Christmas is having my gorgeous son home for a couple of days.

    Would love my name to go in the hat please.

    Love from

    Eddie XX


  13. I have been following your blog since I saw your amazing creations on MSE. It really inpires me and brings a smile to my face when I read about your fun filled days! I am Christmas mad!! I love it and plan loads of activites and food and fun and sweets and lights and friends and decorations and trees and family and chritmas films and carols and more!!! Thanks for the blog candy and well doen on reaching 200 followers!!!

  14. Oh, have just discovered yourblog via MSE....and WOW! ANother inspirational blog for me to get addicted too.
    Baking is me passion....all 6 of my kids love baking...although it does all et a little messy whan me 3yr old and 18 month old get stuck in! In fact we made our first batch of mince pies today!
    I am trying to venture into pastures new this year...and have made 2 1/2 sock monkeys so far...hmm only another 4 1/2 to go!(6 for my DC and one for my neice!)
    AM looking forward to following your wonderful blog from now on....(well as often as I can when not running round after 6DC!)

  15. Congratulations on the success of your blog. Always interesting to see how people get others to subscribe. I have very little traffic on my blogs, but likely because I don't keep them up daily!

  16. wahey - 200 followers!! congratulations, I am not surprised though - you've a great blog! Love the elf - cute in a weird kinda way!!

    Bh x

  17. Your creations are great and your tips on MSE are invaluable! I love to enter your candy offer to [attempt to]make stuff just like you :P :)

  18. Wow, 200 followers is brilliant, but you're so generous with your tips and advice, and fab with your inspirational gems that it's not wonder. Lovely giveaway goodies. My favourite thing has to be seeing hubs and the kiddies doing the Christmas cake and the spice smell that blasts the house while it's cooking. It's a great start to Christmas every year. x

  19. You've worked hard to get here and its your quality and professional looking product that has gotten you this far! Keep up the good work!!

  20. Hey Debbie, I was your 199th follower I think, I just love your blog, and have recently got into crafting, so THANK YOU for the inspiration :). Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I love it, am already sooo christmassy, is that what you get from starting buying in january?! I would love to go into the hat for this giveway. Thank you xx

  21. congrats on getting the 200! well deserved

  22. Well done at achieving over 200 followers. I love the elf!
    Mrs C

  23. Hi Debbie,

    Wow, what an inspiration you are, I dont know how you do what you do, you are amazing (how/where do you find the time and energy? - do you bottle it? If so, put me down for some,lol). I love visiting you blog and spend all my time ohhing and ahhing over your talent. Thanks for a great blog.

    Love always

  24. I am not surprised you have 200 followers and it will not be long before you hit the 300 mark! as your work is fab! loving all these bo bunny papers.

  25. Hi debbie.

    I'd love to be entered into your giveaway.

    Your crafts are amazing, they look so beutiful and professional.
    Do you have any Die cutter machines? I'm thinking of getting one, but really unsure what to get - i have a mini sizzix roller one, but its only good for smaller things.

    My fave thing about christmas is getting together with family - i moved away from Scotland about 1 1/2 years ago and live in essex - miss them loads, so it's always lovely to spend xmas with them.

    i Love your elf idea. it's so good. can't wait to do fun things like that when i have kids.

    happy crafting on the run up to christmas, and have a lovely day when it comes xxx

  26. Hello! What's a candy! I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy".
    Thanks for a chance to win!


  27. Hi Debbie.
    I have been reading your blog every time you post a link on MSE. I dont know how to become a follower, i shall go looking for a link now i know i can do it. I've only recently started crafting! i know shocker!! It all started with a scrapbook for my son of a holiday and it has snowballed dince then!! my most recent crafting was inspired by your advent calender and I've made my own but slightly different. unfortunately i cant complete it until i have found a reasonably priced punch for the numbers! plus I'm still serching for a suitable bowl but i'm hoping that i will be able to complete it by dec 1st!!

    your elf is adorable! we have a polar bear coming to stay as my 2 year old hates elves(?) either way we shall have some mischevious events happening in december!!

    your embellishments are fab!! I especially love the ones from your photo cube!

    I'm going to serch through your friends blogs and your related links to try and find some nice one!!

    one other thing what is a crafters companion? and are they expensive?

    thanks for sharing your craftiness with us all.

  28. I love your blog only just come across it and added it to my favourites now. People like you are really inspiring and so many of us are greatful for you to share your talents and ideas. The fact that you talk about family and life just makes visiting this site much more pleasent and down to earth. Well done on having over 200 followers im sure you have many more to join.

    As for the giveaway it is v. generous and whoever gets it is one lucky person.

    I wish you many happy years in crafting =)

  29. Hi Debbie, I too came across your blog via MSE, your stuff is always so beautiful!!! Thank you so much for the fab opportunity to win this beautiful blog candy, many congratulations to you an getting 200 followers x
    I love crafting, been doing it for a few years now and keep finding new things to do with card and paper. The run up to Christmas is my favourite time of year and I am trying to make this Christmas extra special for everyone in my family with thoughtful gifts, some homemade and lots of opportunuties to make mince pies and cookies with my boys!!!

  30. ha-ha I'm lovingthe idea of the pants hanging on the tree- although a little scared too *sniggers*
    Love the norty elf!!!

  31. Hi Debbie,

    Well done on the 200 followers! I was excited just to get 2 lol!

    This year I'm looking forward to Christmas more than ever as my children (4 and 2) are both old enough to be excited! We too will be getting a visit from a cheeky elf and I can't wait.

    I'm looking forward to my first craft fair, and long winter evenings spent drinking hot chocolate, doing some gift knitting and watching Christmas films.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us on your blog, I'm hooked!


  32. I love Christmas, I love the baking and candy-making. I would love to win your blog candy!!

  33. Hi Debbie,

    I love your blog- been following it since I saw the link on Moneysaving expert. Unfortunately I'm nowhere near as talented as you when it comes to crafty things but I can try :-)

  34. Congrats on the 200 followers, I love your crafty stuff.
    I love caking and crafting at christmas.

    Great givaway.

  35. Love coming to your blog for a peep - always so varied. Congrats on 200 followers!
    What do I like about Christmas? Has to be indulging in food and all things nice. And good will, and carol services...

  36. Im not surprised you have 200 followers your work is brilliant and you do make me laugh!

    Love you elf, we also have a little visitor coming to stay on the 1st of dec. I cant wait i LOVE christmas, so want to get the dec up already and im off to see father christmas tomorrow - for the little ones ofcourse!!

    I am still new to cardmaking but its getting very addictive, your work is a great inspiration and one of my FAV blogs!

    Thanks for sharing all your work!!

  37. I don't know how I found your blog, but I am so glad I did. I love all the things you make! I am so happy for your tutorials, as I have very little time to craft and with your help, I can be so much more productive!


  38. Hi Debbie

    I love your blog, particularly when you are decorating your home, you have some really lovely ideas. Have you thought about interior design??

  39. cogratulations hun. love the elf and cant wait to see the pics of what he gets up to lol

  40. Hi Debbie,

    Glad you like the elf. I wish I had done the mischievous elf when mine were younger. I'd love to be entered in your giveaway, I love presents!!!! My Xmas at the moment is making hampers up for school fair, making costumes for school play and ferrying DD around auditioning for pantos! It will start proper soon I hope.


  41. I am totally jealous that your Christmas shopping is done! TFS!

  42. My favourite thing is starbucks gingerbread latte!! Well maybe not my favourite thing but it's high up there! I love, mid december, our yearly visit from "the big man" he has visited for the past three years with a small present for the children and a nice chat with them! It is great fun and they feel so special!

    I love baking, crafting and making pressies for everyone at xmas, jam is my fav. this year!

    Love your blog Debbie, hope you are keeping well.


  43. Debbie, you have followers because you're talented, generous and kind. Your blog is an inspiration to us all who follow you diligently.


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  45. What a lovely giveaway, i'd love to enter please.
    I love everything about Christmas and I love love love your elf, what a fab idea!
    Beki xxx

  46. I've left it a little late this year to be crafty for 09 - but 10 better watch out because I'm coming up fast :) I've just (in the past couple of months) started to learn to bake and I'm getting back into the action with knitting and going to try out everything else - just keep your fingers crossed that it's not a disaster as I'm not the most co-ordinated person in the world ;)

    I've been following you on MSE for a while and it's great to look back through your things and see just what you can achieve with patience and care - I hope to show off some of my things next year and hope they're even slightly like yours! :)

    Thanks again for all your inspiring -- and if it's not too cheeky to ask, I'd love to be involved in the giveaway. Thank you :)

  47. Almost forgot to say! My favourite thing about Christmas is having the family around, it's the only time (aside from funerals!) - when we all get together.

  48. Hi Debbie,
    Congrats on hitting 200 followers - although as i type this it's 207 and the number is growing all the time which is no surprise as everything you create is amazing!!!

    I have so many fav things about Christmas, Putting up the tree on the first of Dec, The look on my sons and husbands face when they open pressies, seeing all the family, the smell of all the wonderful food cooking, wondering around the shops listening to Christmas songs playing and making lots of lists.
    It has to be said i am nuts about Christmas [I even got married on the 22nd of December so i could have a christmas themed wedding]

    By the way I am loving your elf idea

    I cant wait to see what wonderful creations you'll be making in the future.
    Take Care - Ju xxxx

  49. Hello! That is sweet! I connected with a link on the sidebar
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. Hi, Love your blog, its very inspiring, just wish i had even an ounce of your creativity!


  51. just followed a link here from Crafty Blogs... love your stuff and hang in there with the baby.. I have had four so I know what I am talking

    Haven't even started christmas shopping yet and I know I really should but I just can't seem to get into the zone yet...soon tho, very soon... Take care...x

  52. I follow your blog now. I love baking during the holiday season. I love the way my house smells with all the sweet scents from the kitchen!

  53. Congrats on getting soooo many new followers :)

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  56. I love everything about the holiday season! the music, the friends and family, the food and it's one time out of the year that people think of one another

  57. My favorite part of the season is all the friends' and family gatherings that happens. I now follow your blog

  58. hello Debbie
    congratulations on getting over 200 followers! That's amanzing! I only dream of that.

    I love the 4 weeks before Christmas und then I'm baking much cookies for my family. Every year my kids, 34 and 15, have an advent calendar with a sweets. In Germany comes the Nikolaus every year on 06.12.

    I've been a cardmaker since 2003 and I love blogging!

    greetings from Germany


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